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Foot Fetish Phonesex with Shemale Dasha

Foot Fetish Phonesex lovers cum out and play with me!  Today I have pretty soft feet & sexy toes for you to suck, lick and fuck all you want.  I always keep my feet looking silky smooth & well-cared for, toenails either brightly painted or with a chic French Pedicure.  Does that make you drool?  I know how good it feels to rub MY cock all over a pair of nice feet—I am such a foot whore lol—so I keep mine well maintained at all times because I never know when I’ll encounter a man with the same kinky fetish as me ~winks~.  Mmmm, I love it when a hot stud like you sucks on my thick cock & then sucks on my pretty little toes . . . I can’t wait to rub them all over your face, down your body, and then jerk your cock between them until you paint my feet with cum.  Feel my soft arches stroking you up & down?  I’m soooo ready for you to squirt that hot sticky jizz all over these FEET!

Foot Fetish Phonesex lovers welcum to foot heaven! Shemale Dasha’s here with a hot pair of tootsies just for you!  No taboos, any calls welcum!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
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Foot Fetish Phonesex

The other night while having sex with this guy I just met, I realized he was into feet more than I thought; he rubbed my feet all over his face, down his chest & all over his cock & balls.  I thought wow—didn’t I just blog about feet—how much would my Foot Fetish Phonesex callers love to be flies on the wall right about now?  

After flipping me every which way & twisting me like a pretzel (it was fun), I ended up on my back.  As he slid his cock inside my pussy, he grabbed my feet & rubbed them all over his face, licking, nibbling & sucking my toes, fuck that drove me insane!  He fucked me slow at first while licking my arches, but couldn’t take it any longer & just about tore my cunt the fuck up!  When he was close to cumming, he pulled out & said to stroke him off with my feet, so I did & he jizzed all over my pretty painted little toes.  To make things even hotter, he grabbed my feet & licked all the cum off of them.  

Did I make you hot for a Foot Fetish Phonesex session with me? 

College Coed Danielle
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Foot Fetish Goddess Phonesex

My feet will be the source of your pain and your pleasure, crushing your balls as I balance on them, and then stroking your cock to orgasm with the ultimate foot job… If you are a greedy foot whore or fantasize about a beautiful Foot Goddess to worship and adore, then I am the woman of your dreams…. I have real-time experience both with foot worship and foot domination.

I will know what you need and desire before you even speak it. I will take your foot fantasies to new heights and beyond all the limits you ever imagined. Impress me enough with your submission and I might even reward you by letting you buy my shoes to worship while we play on the phone…. I can feel your cock jumping to attention under my feet…. now all you have to do is call me



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 Dawn Loves her foot fetish Guys!

Oil My feet up for a nice slippery foot job, paint my toenails, suck on my toes, massage my feet…anything to do with my feet, toes and legs is a turn on for me and can be very fun!  If you are a guy looking for a foot fetish phonesex call then you have found her. I have a size 7 foot with long toes and pedicured toenails. Oh and my soles can be very ticklish too!

Have you ever had a woman oil her feet up and glide them up and down your cock? I have done this a few times and it drives the guys wild, especially the ones that have a thing for feet and toes. Even the ones that dont find the “foot job” an exciting new twist to the average hand job.

Feet Fetish Phonesex with Dawn – 1-888-221-9006

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