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sissy boy phonesex

I got a call from Chris today.  He had a specific role play he wanted to act out.

We have been happily married for the past 10 years.  I have a work conference and will be away for the weekend. Once I’m gone he turns on sissy porn and lays some sexy clothes out to wear.  You are shaving your legs, getting ready to assume your sissy mode.  You hear me open the front door.  I came home early because my meeting was canceled at the last minute.  Opening the door to our bedroom, I’m furious about what I see.  I’m stunned, but can’t help laughing at what you are wearing. You stammer in your squeaky voice “I wanted to know how it feels to be a woman.”  So many options with sissy boy phone sex.

 I tell me to sit on bed and wait until I come back; I go downstairs and secretly call every man we know. Our brothers, fathers, neighbors, coworkers and invite them over.  When I come back upstairs, I’m holding a bottle of tequila and pour you a few shots to get you drunk while I finish dressing you up.  I pull out a little blond wig I bought for a Halloween party a few years ago, The more I dress you up the more you start to look like a real sissy.  I continue to put make up on your eyes and face and of course we can’t forget the “cock sucking” red lipstick I apply to your lips.

 Once I have you looking perfect, I take you downstairs to 15 men and tell you “Now you will know how it feels to be a woman.” They ALL pull out their cocks, I tell them to stick their cocks in your mouth, another abuses your virgin pussy-ass, after a few of them take turns fucking your face and ass, I tell them to piss and cum all over you, I make sure they degrade you, as I make you please EVERY cock in the room like a good little sissy boy phonesex

I watch and laugh as I get to fuck that co-worker I’ve had my eye on for a while now.  You see me enjoying myself with a couple cocks too… I lean over and whisper in your ear “So now you know what it feels like to be a woman!”  Do you have a similar fantasy in mind? 

Call me at: 1-888-221- 9006

Cuckold Wife Marsha

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Strapon Phonesex with Abygail

Strapon Phonesex sessions are really fun.  I enjoy playing the dominant kinky slut who fucks a dude in his ass with my huge rubber dong.  I think when it cums to anal play, taking turns pounding each other leads to more passionate sex, and I’m all about passionate kinky sex!  Not only that but its also pretty cool to make a guy experience what it feels having one of his holes fucked—pretty hot stuff if you ask me.  In these role-plays with my callers I’m either a switch like I just described or a full domme.  Either way is fun for me as long as the guy’s having a good time & we’re talking about sex.  IDK, but it just feels so damn good to have my ass spread wide open with a thick fat cock, don’t you agree?

Strapon Phonesex sessions with Abygail, mistress or switch.  Call our hot phonesex line for all your kinky no taboo anal needs!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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Cum Whore Phonesex (3) with TS Dasha

This is part #3 of the Cum Whore Phonesex blog I wrote last week. I’ll start by reposting parts 1 & 2 first so you can follow the entire story!:

Part #1:  Today I had a Cum Whore Phonesex session with a first-time shemale caller.  In our roleplay, I was the normal girl next door he desperately wanted to fuck, no clue whatsoever that I had a fat cock between my legs.  I’d hang out his place all the time but the poor guy just never got the balls to put the moves on me.  Then one day I turned the tables on him; before I went to his house, I put on a very low-cut slutty little dress that barely covered my ass.  I flat-out said that if he wanted to fuck me, he had to be a dirty cum slut & suck off some of the neighborhood guy friends of mine.  He said nothing, just looked astonished that I would say such a thing; yet the hard cock growing in his pants said just how excited he really was to have a dick in his mouth . . .

Part #2:  Before he could even reply I opened the front door & 3 of my horny guy friends waltzed inside like they owned the place.  I forced my new slut to his knees & instructed him to unzip the first guy’s pants.  He did as told, gently sliding my friend’s massively thick cock meat from his jeans & slowly licking up & down the veins of his smooth, thick shaft.  He swallowed the fat mushroom head deep down his throat while massaging his balls—oh man did he suck that dick like a champ!  Bobbing back & forth on that huge rod while the other 2 waited patiently, I slowly teased them by raising my tight little dress just enough to give them each a quick peek of my own throbbing shemale cock.  As I lowered the dress over my swollen prick, I turned back just in time to watch as my friend’s exploding dick gave our slut his very first taste of creamy cum.  He gobbled that hot load of jizz down his throat like a greedy fuckin cum whore, then quickly moved onto guy #2, licking, slurping, sucking away on his long dong and paying seriously close attention to the sticky glob of precum slowly oozing from his head.  I couldn’t believe how much our slut was enjoying himself, much less wait any longer to enjoy myself inside his tight little faggot ass!

Part #3:  A few minutes later guy number two’s cock jerked with a wild explosion inside of slut’s mouth, pumping loads of semen down his throat quicker than a backed-up gas pump.  Slut fed on his spoog like a swollen human leach, gulping down every single drop of his milky, thick load like it was some kind of preciously rare white blood.  As he removed his wilting beef from slut’s mouth, slut eagerly looked to guy number three’s twelve inch dong for the grand finale, but this time I wanted things differently; with slut on the bed and on his back, guy number three straddled his face while I slid between his thighs, spreading his legs wide apart for the real grand finale.  By this time, the other two guys were good and hard again.  Thrusting their bloated dicks one each into slut’s hands, he jerked them off as guy number three went full force ahead, basically doing cock-push-ups inside of slut’s drooling mouth.  I shoved one finger up his asshole, drilling it side to side and loosening up all that tightly packed pink flesh.  As I jabbed two fingers inside, slut literally lost his shit and yelped, gagging and choking on number three’s long boner in the process.  But I just kept plunging away inside his tight little manpussy, finger-banging it harder and deeper until his body contorted so hard with spasms that all three guys simultaneously spray painted his face with a thick coat of pudding.  With all loads spent and nothing left, the three guys stepped back.  Slut wiped the river of cum from his eyes just in time to see my shemale clit stick ram balls-deep inside of his new little mangina . . .

Wanna be my next Cum Whore Phonesex slut?  Call now for a ride on this thick shemale clit stick & a stroll through my crazy mind!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Happy Holidays from all your favorite Taboo Phonesex Girls!



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~Forced Feminization~

Does my little sissy boy want to play dress up? I have picked out some special panties, bra, and thigh highs for you. I know you like the way you look all dressed up. We even have new shoes and a hooker red dress for you!

I have a special surprise for my forced feminization sissy slut. Now that you are dressed and your hair and make up are done, off to the bar we go! You have a VIP pass to  the back room, where I have sold you to the men waiting and lined up for you. One by one you will suck off all 6 cocks, BIG BLACK cocks that is.

You are here ONLY to please us. Then go ahead, bend over and lift up that pretty dress, show the nasty men your little pussy, and get ready to get stuffed full and poked good! Mommy always wanted a little girl! *laughs*

Shay – Your Naughty MILF

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hot shemale phonesex

hot shemale phonesex

Dirty little secrets and naughty devious lies. I have some surprises in store for you. All of your secrets will be safe with me. I know what a man really wants in the bedroom. A hot shemale phonesex delight like me is your true fantasy!

A soft supple body, firm bouncy tits, and when the lights go off and my panties disappear the real secret desires unfold. I have a rock hard, cum squirts, ass fucking cock!

I have a toll-free number, some XXX rated pics, and an imagination made for sin. Lets grab our cocks together and pump out a load of sweet sticky goo while sharing all of those deep dark secrets together. I am the dirty little slut you have been waiting for. I’ll keep your secret, if you’ll keep mine. SHHHHH, it is that big! Join me in hot shemale phonesex dreams and desires today!

Shemale Bianca
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Cross Dresser Phonesex with TS Giana

I love Cross Dresser Phonesex calls!  The girl in me really gets off on dressing up macho men & training them how to look & act like proper cock loving sluts.  I not only have the vivid imagination it takes to guide you through a naughty fantasy, but as well have a huge wardrobe filled with all kinds of slutty outfits to fulfill every secret cross-dressing desire you have.  I’m no stranger to the excitement of dressing in up women’s clothes, I know nothing feels as delicious as a pair of silk pantyhose rubbing against freshly shaved skin or a pair of tight lacy panties snugly holding your cock against your tummy!

A Cross Dresser Phonesex session with TS Giana will let your inner woman step out of the closet today!  Call now for a no taboos feminization fantasy!

Submissive Tranny Giana
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Sissy Boy Phonesex with TS Dasha

Sissy Boy Phonesex callers welcum—you know you crave to be my little faggot bitch boy!  You secretly want to dress up in my slutty outfits, thigh high stockings, mini skirts, & kinky lingerie; admit it already!  Sissy boys like you need a Real Shemale Diva like me to put you in check.  I have a fat massive tranny cock big enough to stretch out your quivering pussy hole just like you’ve always wanted & a gang of chicks with dicks dying to fuck your tight ass & use you like the cum-loving dump you are.  If you like being used & abused, humiliated & berated, then I am the shemale for you.  

Sissy Boy Phonesex, call now & ride my clit stick!  All role-plays & fantasies accepted, cheap phonesex rates!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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forced bi phone sex scenario.

You’ll do anything to get into my panties, and I know it.

So I play a little game with you during forced bi phone sex.I lead you to believe that I’ll let you get into my panties if you show me how badly you want me. So I put you in my panties!

Haha! Yes, it really turns me on to see you wearing my panties and putting my lipstick on. In fact, I’ll tart you up some more and maybe then I’ll fuck you.

What a turn on that’ll be when we both rub each others pantied crotches together. Oooh, and how about kissing each other while both of us are wearing lipstick. You know you’re getting turned on right now thinking about that forced bi phone sex scenario.

forced bi phone sex with KITTEN

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Cum worship my thick shemale cock, huge tranny balls, and beautiful ripe tits.  I’m looking for a man that can hang with me the way I want; I’m a spoiled shemale princess who loves being anally worshiped, sensually aroused, & properly served.

I want you to take your time rimming, licking, sucking, & molesting my beautiful tight pussy . . . slowly sliding your hot wet tongue inside and cleaning that brown out in thick, nasty chunks.   Think you can hang?  My cock won’t hang perfectly in your mouth, but I can assure a little bit of throat rape never killed anybody!

Call me for a wild & cheap phonesex session with a shemale diva!


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Like what you see? If you look a little closer you’re bound to find a surprise artfully hidden between my sexy thighs—that’s right—a nice thick cock. Are you a bi-curious little boy who can’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to suck a chick with a dick? Well, hun, I can help you out with that. I can also teach you how to properly stretch your ass open wide enough so my prick will fit in there just right. Trust me, once you have anal sex with a big tit Shemale Goddess, you’ll never go back to pussy again! Call me, fisting & forced femme are some of my specialties!

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I am the MILF who really enjoys CUCKOLDING!

You dare to complain that I never put out when all you have to offer is that teeny weeny little dick?!  You say you are good to me? Well, you’ll see just how wrong you are!!  Today, I’m bringing home some HOT, WELL-HUNG studs to do me like a real man should!  I’ll make you watch and we’ll all laugh at you!!  LOL   Hey, stop your sniveling and whimpering like a baby!

This woman needs satisfaction and we both know you can’t give it to me!  LOL!  Just when you think “Oh this can’t get any worse!” I’ll make you suck both their HUGE, throbbing cocks, watch while they ram me hard with them, then make you drink every last drop of their CUM loads from my cream pie pussy and ass!  

  If you complain they’ll fuck your tight ass over and over! Ya, I am one nasty MILF! Too bad your teeny weeny dick will never know just how hot my juicy CUNT is!


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Black mommy phonesex with Doletta

Hello Boy’s, I am Doletta and I had a Great Phonesex call last night!

He wanted me to be his Strict Black Mommy and dress him up. He was my little white sissy boy. I had him put on some stockings and panties and a cute lacy bra! Mommy Doletta had so much fun using her white sissy boi slut!

I love sissification phone sex calls, so if you want me to dress you up and show you off to all my friends give me a call, I’ll put on my Strap-on dildo and give you what you really want.  I big dick up your little sissy man pussy!

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  • Forced to dress up as a sissy by a teasing girl
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  • Orgamn Control by seductive black beauty
  • No Restrictions Cheap Phone Sex
  • Strap on play with a big cock

Doletta – Hot Ebony MILF/ Mommy

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