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Black Cock Lovers Phone Sex

Black Cock Lovers Phone Sex…..BBC phonesex

You know how much horny girls love having Black Cock Lovers Phone Sex, the old saying ‘once you’ve had black you won’t look back, is so true. I love hearing about a nice big hard black cock, imagining it buried deep inside me. I use toys and stretch my holes just like the real thing would. Cum and hear me begging for more, wanting a hot horny fuck from a black dick. Imagine spraying me with your hot spunky load, knowing that the girls on Black Cock Lovers Phone Sex lines adore the taste and texture of a fresh spunky load. Come and experience some horny girls who know what they want and know how to get it. They just can’t get enough black cock, white cock just isn’t enough for them anymore.

Danny – Taboo Coed Phonesex & BBC lover

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Gloryhole Phonesex with Shemale Giana

I’m such a slut for Gloryhole Phonesex calls.  As a subbie Shemale, I’ve been forced to work Gloryhole booths all over, draining more balls than I could ever try to count.  My cock twitches with anticipation each time I’m dragged to a booth & forced to kneel down & open wide.  I suck, lick, & swallow for as long as it takes to please my Master.  I love it when my throat gets raped so hard that tears blind me & I literally piss myself, emptying the entire contents of my bladder onto the floor.  Sometimes I’ll swallow too much of a long thick rod & vomit.  When this happens, my Master forces me to sit in my nasty puddle of food as punishment until other’s can no longer stand my stench.  Because of my uncleanliness Master always puts me in a stall with a drain & hoses me off between cock suckings, saying that I’m nothing but a stupid undeserving cum dump.  I’ve been kept in booths for days at a time, allowed only small sips of water for drink & nothing but cum as food.  I love the abuse.  Would you like to use me too?

Book your Gloryhole Phonesex session with Shemale Giana today!  Anal, oral, watersports & scat fantasies welcum!

Submissive Tranny Giana
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Gagging Phonesex with Danielle

Gagging Phonesex sessions & blow job fantasies, I do it all.  I want to feel your fingers tighten around my hair as I look up at you, licking the tip of your fat swollen cock.  Can you see the way my big naked tits sway as you pull my mouth further down on you?   Please pull me closer . . . force my hot wet mouth to gag . . . I want to see gallons of my spit drip down my fat tits and make puddles on the floor.  I’m not ashamed of being a cocksucking cumslut.  The harder you gag my tight throat with your cock, the more swollen my tight wet pussy becomes.  Imagine how great sex will be with me after I’ve milked you dry!

Gagging Phonesex with Danielle, call now while my pussy’s still wet & hot!

College Coed Danielle
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Gagging Phonesex with TS Dasha

Gagging Phonesex makes my thick cock grow so hard . . . I love the sound of a man trying his fucking hardest to swallow my entire 9 inches of shemale cock meat down his hot dry throat.  All that spittle dripping from his mouth as I force my way deeper inside, tears streaming from his burning eyes, my balls loudly slapping against his face, all the while he greedily sucks me into an explosive frenzy of cum that he gulps down whole like its his last supper.  Sound like fun to you?  For the right guy I have no problem doing the same, all I ask is that you turn me on too!

Is a Gagging Phonesex call in your future?  Call today for a wild no taboo shemale experience!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
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I want a real man willing to take control, and really use me. I want you to grab me by my hair and shove his cock down my throat till I gag and beg for more. I want to be the best fucking cum slut he has ever fucked. I want to feel the cold blade of a knife at my throat when he forces me to suck his cock.

My hair in one of his hands the knife at my neck in his other. He has a handful of my hair and if shoving my face down further, he seems turned on by the sound of my gagging. I can feel the cold edge of the  knife each time my head moves, I know its cutting me I feel a drop of blood streaming down my cheast and knowing that is making me even wetter.

He has laid the knife down and is sitting on my chest. He slaps me across the face and yells, “you’re my fucking cunt now and I’ll do as I please with you whore!”. He wants to make sure I know he means it, I feel the knife dragging across from my neck down to my breast, he is letting the edge of the steel blade run over my hardened nipple.


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Dawn is what everyone calls me but the ultimate cock sucker is what my phone sex friends call me…

I’m a hot phone sex op who knows what and how a guy wants his cocked sucked. Most guys I give phone blow jobs to cum instantly cause the nice warm feeling of my pretty little mouth around there cock is and amazing feeling.

There cocks get really hard and than I start at the base of the huge cocks and work my way up to the very tip of there head and than after I lick the tip of there cocks for a little bit I get and extreme cum shot that makes me go crazy.

I’am the greatest phone sex cock sucker alive and I can prove it.

Call soon!

Tahoo ID: taboodawn

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