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hottest phone sex call

I had the hottest phone sex call with a client yesterday and it reminded me of how much I LOVE guided masturbation. I don’t do “up, down, fast, slow” — come on, you learned that when you first learned to play with your cock. I prefer to show you techniques that make you borderline loco with how amazing your cock feels and then tease you and have you enjoy the amazing feeling of how good and turned on you feel. There is absolutely nothing better than you telling me that your legs are shaking. Or having you tell me that you have not cum that hard in a long time. That makes guided masturbation the hottest phone sex call ever!!

LOL…give me a call soon!

Your Favorite phonesex slut ROXY

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Louise54 Granny, Cougar, Mommy or Milf

Granny Phonesex

Hi everyone, I’m a very kinky mature housewife, mother and grandmother who is lonely and horny because my husband is working all day and night, taking long business trips and has been neglecting my pussy and ass for way too long.  Now it’s my turn to get my fantasies fulfilled.  I love talking to strangers about really taboo subjects, the dirtier and kinkier the better.  I enjoy talking to cross dressers and sissy boys.  I love it when you tell me how you enjoy the feel of women’s panties and stockings on your smooth shaven skin.

Cuckolds are another favorite of mine on Granny Phonesex.  Tell me how you love feeling girly by getting down on your knees to suck a big cock or get your man-pussy fucked good and hard with mybig  Strap-on.  I will give you the best phone sex experience of your life.  All role play requests shall be fulfilled. All you have to do is tell me what turns you on the most. I have no taboos, no limits and no restrictions whatsoever. I’m getting older now, but still very young at heart.  Louise050 300x295 Granny, Cougar, Mommy or Milf

Young boys also turn me on.  Nothing feels better then a young hard body on top of mine.  Just call mommy Louise for Granny Phonesex or other mature roleplays and I’ll teach you everything you need to know about sex and how to make a woman feel special!  If you just need someone to talk to and tell all your dirty secrets, I love to listen.  I can give you advice to use with your wife or girlfriend, to kink it up in the bedroom.

LOUISE – Your phonesex Granny


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Gspot Phonesex with Teen Tiffany

I never had a Gspot Phonesex session before until I met him . . . So this guy has called me quite a few times now, & FUCK do we have fun finding my g spot LOL!  The sound of this man’s voice makes my pussy cream something fierce & the sexual fantasies he creates are so sleazy that honest to gawd, I really do sit & wait by the phone for him to call (he emails me like a day in advance).  He’ll guide me through finding my secret spot & then tease me by making me back off.  Then he’ll say I’m amazing and something stupid like why do I always get him off so damn hard.  I’m glad that I make him cum so good that he thinks I’m amazing, but it really sux ass when he cums & won’t let me until our next session!   I guess that means I’m doing all the right things to make him happy & yea, that’s how it should be, but fuck its so frustrating‼  Even though I love the way being his dirty little sex toy makes me feel so hot & horny, I’m admitting to all of you that most of the time when I rub sweet spot, begging him like a doggie to let me cum, it’s all a lie—I put his ass on mute when I reach my orgasm & cum really LOUD!  Yea, I’m such an ass lol, but wtf?  You can’t get a girl all hot & bothered & then refuse to deliver the goods!  ~giggles~.

Join me in a Gspot Phonesex session & be ready to cum play find Tiffany’s sweet spot with me!

School Girl Tiffany
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Happy Ending Phonesex with Teen Tiffany

A Happy Ending Phonesex session with me will leave you relaxed & ready for a good night’s sleep.  From doing lots of phonesex, I’ve learned how to give men the best “verbal” massages ever without even being there lol.  I’ve always had an obsession with those Asian massage girls (just like lots of guys do to).  I think there’s something so innocent & kinky about them at the same time—it’s like they’re so sexual in a totally non sexual way!  The scenes in movies where they’re stroking cocks under those white sheets kinda remind me of my pedo phone sex calls.  Nasty, wrong, kinky, twisted, and oh so fucking good!  Do you wanna act out a happy ending massage role-play with me?  The possibilities are endless!

Happy Ending Phonesex sessions with Teen Tiffany, let me rub all your troubles away from those sore muscles with my moist fingers & tight young pussy!

School Girl Tiffany
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Cock Control Phonesex with Ruby

A Cock Control Phonesex session with me will leave you wanting more.  That’s right, my pussy has your cock under control & there’s nothing you can do about it but stroke for me.  I love having men under my spell.  All it takes is the sound of my seductive young voice & just a few words to have you begging to blow your load.  Hypnotic phone sex, sensual phone sex, guided masturbation and more in that area is what I’m all about.   Would you care to give it a try, men?  I know you’re just sitting there aching to call me and see how good it truly is, aren’t you now?

Cum have a Cock Control Phonesex session with me and I promise you won’t be unhappy!

Naughty Tease Ruby
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Mutual Masturbation Phonesex with Tiffany

The many Mutual Masturbation Phonesex calls I’ve had lately where dudes hang me out to dry with a hot wet pussy are driving me crazy!  It would really be nice when a guy calls & wants mutual masturbation that he really means mutual (LMFAO‼).  I love most of my callers & I’m not trying to be rude here, I’m just saying that it’s more fun if we both get off together.  Some of my favorite guys are the ones that buy enough time to build a fantasy, are talkative, & take turns guiding the call.  Things like telling me how to touch my pussy, when to pinch my nipples, & how hard his cock is getting when he imagines what my moist little pussy smells like seriously turn me on!  It’s not too much to ask, don’t ya think? ~giggles~

A Mutual Masturbation Phonesex with me means I really wanna cum hard for you!

School Girl Tiffany
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Taboo Phone Sex with Abygail

So I had a fun filled day and night with lots of Taboo Phone Sex callers.  That’s right, I said it, the big “T” word that nearly all of society frowns upon, but why is that?  Just saying the word itself isn’t going to harm anyone, so WTF is the problem, right?

Anyway (rant over, lol), I love role playing and taboos just happen to be the main part of phone sex; I rarely get any guys calling in for vanilla (normal, boring sex) phonesex these days.  Not that I don’t like a taste of vanilla every once in a while, but taboo is just so damn dark, kinky, chocolatey . . . & you and I both know that for some odd reason (or not so odd lol) discussing taboo subjects only make us even hornier—ending with bigger loads of cum & wetter, sloppier pussies, right?

I know I’m not the only one out there who feels this way about Taboo Phone Sex…what about you?

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
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peep-show.jpgGuided Masturbation Phone Sex. The doors open and there is the girl of your dreams behind the glass. She is dressed in a red garter belt and stockings, 5 inch heels, and the hottest bra you have ever seen. Her long blonde hair is curly and flowing. Bright red lips set the mood for the show. She grinds her hips on the pole in the middle never once taking her eyes off of you. You can’t look away. Your hypnotized by her beauty and the raw sex the seeps out of her every pour.

Place your money in slot and she will take off the clothing. You slip the first hundred in, but tell her to leave the stockings on. She points to your cock and motions for you to stroke it. This is the kind of girl that could make you cum without even touching yourself. You have never wanted a girl more then you want her now. Taking your cock in your hand she whispers for you to use the next hundred to stroke with. Wrap it around your cock she asks. Stroke for me she pleads as she slips her finger in her well lubed pussy. She takes the money you slipped through the hole and rubs it across her clit as she cums. Your cock has a mind of its own and sprays the glass without notice.

She points to the opening and asks for the hundred covered in your cum in exchange for the one covered in hers. Just as you exchange the money the shade closes. She is gone, but the scent she left behind can never be forgotten…

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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I want to feel your tongue go deep inside my warm pink pussy. I like the way it feels going in and out. You take your time as you slide it up and down my pussy lips inside my tight hole. I squeeze on you tight so you won’t stop until I reach my climax.

I want to cum all over your face and lick it off. Put me on top of your big cock and make me ride it until you shoot your cum so deep inside of me. Watch how it slides out of me onto your dick all the way down to your balls.

Join me in some hot phone sex so I can please you the way you need.

XOXOX  Leslie 🙂

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forced bi phone sex scenario.

You’ll do anything to get into my panties, and I know it.

So I play a little game with you during forced bi phone sex.I lead you to believe that I’ll let you get into my panties if you show me how badly you want me. So I put you in my panties!

Haha! Yes, it really turns me on to see you wearing my panties and putting my lipstick on. In fact, I’ll tart you up some more and maybe then I’ll fuck you.

What a turn on that’ll be when we both rub each others pantied crotches together. Oooh, and how about kissing each other while both of us are wearing lipstick. You know you’re getting turned on right now thinking about that forced bi phone sex scenario.

forced bi phone sex with KITTEN

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I had a blast today playing in my pool, laying in the sun getting my tan. I even noticed my neighbor watching  me again, he loves watching me while I am in my pool and sun bathing. I even gave him a good show I should say I laid in the sun just in my bikini bottoms on and -topless and I seen his motion in his shorts and the smile on his face. I can leave a smile on your face also just give me a call.




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I adore playing dress-up with submissive sissy panty boys; dressing them up in sexy lingerie and provocative clothing and then pulling out my big boner for them to suck. 69 is one of my favorite positions! Think about how good it would feel to have me slide my big hard, slick cock into your tight little pussy.

 I LOVE TO KISS while making mad passionate love. It brings out the girl inside me! I’m one kinky switch, and I’m here to make all your slutty tranny dreams cum true. I know many secrets of seduction and I will use my experiences with you in our one on one phone session.

Call me and let’s take a ride on the wild side of life together 1-888-221-9006 Just ask for  Sexy TransgenderStar.

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