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Doggy Style Phonesex with Coed Danielle

Doggy Style Phonesex can be fun times if the dude’s really into it.  When a man calls I very much like him to be as descriptive & nasty as he can possibly be.  It really makes my tight pussy cream when I hear him say things like, bend over you slutty bitch so I can pound your loose pussy raw.  Lol I know it may sound stupid to you now, but I know if we were talking on the phone & you had your cock in one hand it wouldn’t be!  The more a guy stares into my pussy from behind & fingers it, flicks my clit, pulls my inner & outer lips, & spanks me, the wilder I will get.  I think it’s kind of mysterious & impersonal getting fucked from behind since it puts the man in total control & you are unable to see his face.  Fuck I need to get laid like NOW lol!

Doggy Style Phonesex with Coed Danielle is just one dirty phone call away!  Call this horny slut tonight & bang that pussy raw!

College Coed Danielle
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High Heel Fetish Phonesex with Dasha

High Heel Fetish Phonesex can equal a very arousing session if done right.  Personally, I not only like to describe to the man at the other end of the phone what my legs & feet look like in those heels, but also the sound they make & the way they feel like rubbing against his body:  If I were waiting for a you on the sidewalk late at night wearing a pair of black leather stilettos, when you picked me up the first thing you’d notice is the glint of the streetlamp against the shiny leather, the way my heels tip tap against the concrete as I approach the passenger door.   Your cock would grow hard at the seductive way I reach down & slowly adjust the strap.  I know how much it would turn you on to have my ankles wrapped around your neck, your hot mouth sucking my hard cock, my high heels dangling against your back.

A High Heel Fetish Phonesex roleplay with Shemale Dasha is a naughty taboo fantasy you deserve.  Call now!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
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