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Schoolgirl Phonesex with Danielle

Schoolgirl Phonesex never gets boring for me lol.  I’m all about playing out the taboo fantasies that every man (& girl) secretly dreams about.  There is one fantasy I’ve always wanted to try out in real life, though:  I’m sitting at the front of the class, wearing a tight pink tee shirt & a short skirt.  Of course I’m not wearing a bra or panties, & I have the teacher’s full attention since my tits are so huge & my nipples are super hard.  I’m chewing on the pencil when it accidentally falls to the floor, between my legs.  I have to scoot back my chair & spread my legs to pick it up, & that’s when the teacher sees my naked pussy.  I get so wet that he notices, that I begin to slowly rub the eraser all around my fat pussy lips & up & down my swollen clit.  Game on—we’re gonna fuck when class is over!    

Schoolgirl Phonesex sessions are in session!  Call me today for a no taboos teacher student fantasy!

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