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Pedophile Phone Sex


Pedophile Phone Sex

Hey, are you sick  Pedophile Phone Sex guys who  looking for some little ones to rape and torture tonight? ha! I’m just the accomplice your looking for. Imagine the cold edge of my knife running over their stomach’s down to their pussy or balls *grin* I push my blade a little harder and they shutter and moan. I push harder  and feel the tip of my blade penetrate their skin. A single drop of blood rolls down their sides as I lean down and run my tongue along the trail it has made… is your fucking cock hard thinking about it you sick perverted mother fucker… ready to get your cock covered in blood? Let’s go hunting tonight you Pedophile Phone Sex freak.

RYDER – Pedophile Phone Sex

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slutty phoensex


Slutty Phonesex with Ashley

Slutty Ashley at your service. I am the school slut always suspended because I can not control the urge to please and cum all over faces and cock’s. I even like the taste of myself “giggles”. All the girls hate me at school, I am their boyfriend pleaser. If your ready to have your cock jump up and down then pick up the phone to have Slutty Phonesex with Ashley. I am the type everyone dreams of.

I love football games only because I have an audience to watch me fuck and suck all the cock that is around. I have no shame in my game “giggles”. We can go to a park or even make a movie. I am down for anything and ready to have some fun, so pick up the phone to have Slutty Phonesex with Ashley.

I’m waiting!
Call 1-888-666-9340

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 cheerleader phonesex

Have you ever had a fantasy that a beautiful cheerleader makes you wear her cheerleading uniform?

Well I’m a cheerleader and I want you to wear mine and some of that dick sucking lipstick you know what color it is.  I have decided to make you into a sissy cheerleader. I would be a great teacher in helping you be the best little dick sucking whore there is. You’ll will enjoy every bit of your training and I will be in complete controll over you.  


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