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Romantic phonesex calls

I love slow & romantic phonesex calls. Anything that is sexy and gets your blood boiling hot with lust! I want to lay on a bed of white satin sheets  with rose petals scattered about while I feel my soft naked skin against the delicious coolness of the sheets. My thighs slightly parting, my pretty feet sliding  up and down the length of the bed until my knees are slightly bent. I take my hands and brush them down my neck, past my luscious breasts and down my stomach. I can feel the warmth from the top of my pussy,  I want to tease myself. The candles are lit, setting off a sexy seductive glow and I imagine you standing there with my wet worn panties, wrapping them around your hard cock to stroke while you watch me touching this beautiful pussy.

Walk towards the bed and let me watch you being naughty with my Dirty panties. I’ll watch you as I slip two fingers deep inside my tight aching hole. I’m going to slowly finger fuck myself while you show me how you use my panties when I’m not around you dirty boy. Mmmm, I pull my fingers out glistening with my juices and hold them up to you to lick clean…I know what you can lick next…

Thinking about you joining me on that romantic phonesex call and bed of satin is even more stimulating than being alone on it, and it’s got me all wet baby. Give me a call soon…I will be laying here waiting!


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Auntie Phonesex

Auntie Phonesex

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck your Auntie? I am sure you have looked at her and imagined her stripped off and opening her legs, wanting your young hard cock deep inside her mature hairy pussy. On Auntie Phonesex you can, let me seduce you as my young nephew so you can see what it feels like to fuck me. My mature pussy that you have wanted for so long can be yours. Let me make your Auntie Phonesex fantasy be a reality! I want that young hot cream spurting deep inside of me.

Auntie HOPE – Your addicting Phonesex MILF

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ABDL phonesex

ABDL Phonesex with Mommy Jackie

I want to be your Mommy on out next ABDL phonesex call. Let me change that wet diaper of yours, and dress you in something and frilly and cute as you sit on my knee and I give you a lovely warm drink from my milky tits. I know that cock of yours will be so hard in the lovely confines of your diaper. Come and talk to Mommy on an ABDL phonesex call and tell me what a good boy you are, or maybe what a bad little boy you can be!

Mommy Phone sex & ABDL phonesex calls
Call me at 1-888-221-9006


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Hard Core Nasty Phonesex

Hard Core Nasty Phonesex

Are you looking for Hard Core Nasty Phonesex or someone to play some naughty roleplays or teen fantasies with?  I promise that I won’t say no to anything. I just want to have some hot, kinky sex, and I hope you do too. I would love to be locked down for a whole weekend, just having non-stop hard core nasty phonesex. I need someone with the same sexual appetite. Seems I just can’t get enough.

It all started when I was having sex with my boyfriend under the bleachers.  His football team mates found us.  At first I was embarrassed but when they if he was going to share his pussy, well it turned me on so much, I was kind of hoping he’d say yes. And he did say YES.  They whipped out their dicks and suddenly I had a cock in each hand, one in my mouth, one in my pussy, another in my ass and was being passed around like a juicy piece of meat. I came so many times I lost count! I couldn’t walk straight for a whole week and my pussy and ass were so stretched out and full of cum!! That spoiled me so much that I need cock all the time!! Call me anytime for Hard Core Nasty Phonesex, You know what I’ll be doing, playing with my dildo wishing it was your dick!!!

Tiffany – Hard Core Nasty Phonesex

Give me a call today and i am sure that i can please you in any way possible! I have no taboos and love to play out all of your naughty roleplays!

Call 1-888-221-9006 – Must be over 21 with a valid credit card to place a call – ask about our current specials and also first time callers specials!

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molly (34)Incest Fun Phonesex

I have been such a dirty Incest Fun Phonesex slut lately.  I have 3 older brothers who have been horny all week.  Every day of the week a different one would visit me to get his dick sucked or fuck my tight wet pussy.  Each one of them has a favorite position or fetish they like to do when pounding my pink pussy!  My favorite position is on my knees with a big dick in my mouth, another between my tits and of course one in my pussy banging me hard!

The taste of cum in my mouth brings back so many memories of big cock gang bangs when dad wasn’t home.  My brothers would invite their friends over and I was the main party favor.  I would love to share some of my dirtiest secrets.  I want to hear about your secrets too.  I’m a good listener if you need to confess to someone.

I have a vivid imagination and love to do kinky role plays.  Got something in mind, feel free to call me and let’s do dirty Incest Fun Phonesex!


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incest phone sex

Taboo Incest Phone Sex Fantasies

I have had a lot of  incest phone sex calls recently. Which I know  isn’t a big surprise since I am all about taboo phone sex fantasies and all, but I really do like the extra kink of a hot brother sister or daddy daughter incest roleplay. Incest is best and when it comes to kinky phonesex I can honestly say I !

So if you are a dirty daddy in need of some special attention from your bratty spoiled little girl, you need to know right now that I love to suck daddy’s big hard cock and I’m very good at it. I’ll make you so happy you won’t ever want to mess around with mommy again. I’ll give your nice daddy dick some sweet kisses before I wrap my mouth around it. You’ll be pumping away at my sweet face and throat fucking me before you can say “be a good girl and swallow daddy’s cum”.

Or I might indulge my horny little brother when he is curious about his hot older sister and let him see my perfect pink pussy and maybe even let him have a taste if he promises to do my chores for awhile. If you are a really lucky boy, I might even let you fuck your sexy sister, banging away at my hot box until you squirt gobs of cum all over the both of us. Older brothers aren’t left out, no way. They like to convince their trusting little sis that they really are supposed to do all kinds of forbidden things as long as no one finds out and no one is as eager to please as your little cute sister.

So daddy, brother, cousin, uncle, grandfather – it’s time for some special incest phone sex fuck fun.

I’m here. I’m ready. I’m wet. I’m willing. I’ll never say no.

Distract me already!


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1494285xy7mffzezx Naughty phonesex teen Heather


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addon Naughty phonesex teen Heather

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Female Boss Phonesex

Female Boss Phonesex 

Ever look at your boss, and think what it’d be like to fuck her? Well lets play baby and have some fun with your female boss phonesex. Imagine being my employee, working alongside this sexy siren that oozes sex appeal. How could you not get hard? I love having a fantasy phonesex chat about being in charge of a hot eager cock. I would have you doing lots of overtime on my horny pussy, making you earn your place in the company. Bending me over my desk and giving me what I need, a good hard fucking in my sticky pussy. Now you’ll never wonder what it was like to fuck your female boss phonesex.


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Brother Sister Phonesex

Brother Sister Phonesex 

How often has your horny imagination wandered and you’ve thought about fucking your Sister? I love having Brother Sister Phonesex chat, knowing that I have been teasing you for years, and now it’s time for you to get your own back, and fulfill all those filthy thoughts. I want to be your Sister and you can do to me whatever you want.

Imagine me on my knees sucking your cock for the first time, tasting your precum before bending over and offering my hot holes to you. You can tell me how often you have found my dirty panties and wanked off into them imagining all of this happening for real. Brother Sister Phonesex can be as filthy as you want.


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 Incest Phone Sex

Big Titty Teen  Incest Phone Sex Hey Baby !

Just wanna tell you how Daddy & Me have been having some hot fucking fun lately. Well, as you can see, Daddy has been nursing on my big titties real good lately, as they have grown. I just love it when Daddy comes home and gives me all that hot sex he gives me.

We are doing it every day and night now, and I just love it ! Daddy tucks me in at night, with his big fat hard cock, and wakes up doing the same. As soon as he comes through the door from work, he tells me to take it all off for him, or he strips me down, himself.

I just love the way Daddy romances me by sucking on my big fucking titties. Daddy says they will grow to be bigger than Mommy’s if he continues to suck on them everyday and night, the way he has been doing since I was 8 years old.

I just get so turned on by the way he sucks on them and the way it feels. All the while he is sucking on those titties of mines, he is fingering me so damn could, I sometimes can’t hold it and will have a sweet golden shower or cum right there in his mouth, or if he is fingering my sweet lil cunt, I cum on his fingers !

He is presently trying to teach me more control with that, but it just feels so good I can’t help it
at times. I know you want some too, so call me and let’s have some hot ass Incest Phone Sex  phone

sex fun.

Kisses, Autumn
Call me, now at: 1-888-221-9006

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No Taboo phone sex

Cum Slut Phonesex with Galinda

Make no mistake; even though odds are your eyes are riveted to the pink, fleshy mound between my silky thighs, by all means I am an intelligent, well-read and cultured woman. Yet frankly speaking, no knowledge I have ever gleaned has been more personally gratifying, nor electrifyingly ecstatic, than having a large, beefy cock paint a buttery lukewarm arc of frothy cum clean into my hungry little slut mouth.

Hence, the motto I live by – “Suck ‘Em Dry.”  I have “cocksucker” lips. Au natural.
Want some? Come ‘n’ git it . . .

It all began as an overly precocious preteen virgin (whore in the making).
I used to steal Daddy’s old-school VHS tapes, sneak them into the basement after everyone zoned to twilight, and, with a warm glass of milk in one hand – force my sticky, candy-covered fingers into my hairless, pudgy cunt. First earth-shattering orgasm? Washed-down & accompanied by that steamy glass of milk.  “Yum.” slutty phone sex

Young chicks swallowing loads of semen; geisha girls slathered in cum like buttery broiled lobsters; harlots of brothels lined up like little ivory dominos, o rings gagging their mouths, men going down the assembly line depositing their “deposits.” What can be said? It made my preteen pussy hornier than it should have. I learned how to masturbate from those tapes, how to suck a cock, how to ride, slip, slide . . .

One massive salty explosion of sticky hot CUM is what I crave. Call me now for THE freakiest Cum Slut Phonesex session, and the messiest blowjob of your life.

Galinda Cum Slut Phonesex

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Incest phone sex with hot Auntie Galinda.

Incest phone sex with hot Auntie Galinda.

Incest phone sex with hot Auntie Galinda. I grew up with my Aunt; she is one hell of a horny woman. She was always having guys round doing everything sexual that could possibly be done. I used to listen and watch her fuck herself with toys or her fingers and eventually her gentleman friends would come over. I would even hear her talk about Incest phone sex all the time as she was also a Phone Sex Operator back in the day!

One day she told her new man I was there and offered me the chance to do all the things she had done in the past, I was very shy but that’s what he loved about me i guess. He said he would love to see me to lick aunties cunt; I giggled but did as he wanted, and both of them came at the same time. That’s where I learned all about sex! Me and Auntie still love to play together and I love to talk about all the naughty things we use to do. Incest phone sex is great!

GALINDA – Kinky Cum Slut Phone Sex

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I started having incest phone sex a while back, and I found I took to it like a duck takes to water. The guys get me so hot and horny, and the dirtier they are the filthier I become. I have a large collection of toys as they like to hear my sticky pussy being fucked. I tell them my deepest darkest fantasies, and we have no taboos on our calls. I started getting more and more daddy-daughter & sister/brother calls and now I’m hooked on incest phone sex and I need more! Call me; I’m wet and ready for you.


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In the mood for something Ruby Red?

I am the NASTIEST barely legal ageplay slut when it cums to fucking.  I like spankings, bondage roleplays, incest, pedo fantasies, rape abuse, and above & beyond all, bloody messy PERIOD PLAY!

I love watching a guy’s cock turn bright red as he’s pounding me in & out, seeing that look on his face like he’s stabbing me do death or something.  I’m super horny when I’m menstruating and all I want is hard, rough, passionate fucking.

Imagine your throbbing dick slipping inside of my sopping wet sticky red pussy . . . hearing that sloshing sound of carnal fucking as my dark thick red blood drenches your stomach, balls, thighs.  Can you smell my musty tart scent? Call me today for a no taboo phonesex session with a redheaded teenage freak—I am definitely NOT your average girl next door!


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