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Kidnapping Rape Abuse Phonesex

Kidnapping Rape Abuse Phonesex roleplays really turn on my sick & twisted mind!

It’s late at night & I’m walking through the mall parking lot.  When I climb into my car & shut the door, a fat greasy-looking man with a ponytail aims a gun at my head.  I’m paralyzed with fear, & tears mixed with black mascara roll down my cheeks as I visualize opening the door and running, but the man slaps me across the face with his dirty fingers.  He tells me to drive to a nearby dead-end street & turn off the engine.  Once there, he rips off my shirt & squeezes my big tits & nipples so hard they feel like they’re going to explode.  His hungry mouth devours my fat round breasts while his grimy fingers slide under my skirt & into my pink wet pussy hole.  “You’re a loose whore who deserves to be raped & beaten.”  He says, pulling out a flashlight & shining it on my cunt.  I scream in pain as he thrusts the thick black flashlight so far into my quivering slit I see it moving under my stomach.  Next thing I know, I’m waking up naked I’m in my car, with a pussy that’s loose, sore, & dripping with the stinkiest cum ever.  

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Kidnapping Rape Phone Sex

How would you feel about a fantasy Kidnapping Rape Phone Sex call with a twist, or should I say a cock?  Imagine what it would be like to kidnap a woman, thinking the slut deserves to have her hairy wet pussy spread like melted butter over your aching cock & balls.  So you drag the poor tramp to a dark alley & bend her over, ripping off those tight little booty shorts & exposing the thick mounds of her fleshy round ass.  With one deep thrust your cock slices apart her creamy pussy hole and you catch yourself swearing under your breath she is a virgin no more.  Plowing and pounding deeper & deeper into that vice grip like cunt as she screams, a massive load of cum blows deep inside her swollen vagina.  And when you decide to play with her big nasty tits, you flip her onto her back only to discover she has a cock bigger than yours!  But now you’re hard again—how did that happen?  Your appetite hungers for the more robust & your mouth now has a mind of it’s own, desperately needing to feed off of every last bit of cum from my bloated shemale balls.

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