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Cheating Phonesex

Cheating  Phonesex with TS Dasha

Craving a Cheating Phonesex session with a shemale goddess?  I’ve talked to so many married men that have this fantasy, believe me, it’s not that uncommon.  Girlfriends & wives leave their men hanging out to dry all the time, stingy bitches when it cums to giving them what they really need.  This only makes men’s fantasies grow more & more depraved—their lack of excitement & diversity in their sex lives leaves them with a “hole” that can only be filled by “cock,” the ultimate taboo of excitement. Well do I have that fat cock you need!  I guarantee I’m willing to do all the shit to you that that boring bitch would never dream of!  Remember, I’m extremely familiar with the inner workings of a man’s mind ~winks~

Cheating Phonesex with TS Dasha—all the sex with no cheating—cum play with me & bring along all your perverse fantasies!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
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slutty housewife phonesexI’m Sheryl the mature, slutty housewife phonesex whore …yes you know who I am.

The MILF you young boys dream about or the slutty wife you men wish you had. I dress like a little slut, with my short skirts and tight tops, my cleavage busting out, my 3 inch heels. Drives the boys crazy, and I love every second of it.

I catch you staring at me in the grocery store and I see your wife slap you for looking. Its okay because if you can sneak off I will take you out back and blow you better than she ever could. You know you want me to suck your cock and let you blow your load deep down my throat. I love to swallow, I bet your boring old wife doesn’t.

 So if you looking for a good time call up on your favorite slutty housewife phonesex line now!

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Confessions Phonesex with Shemale Dasha

Do you need a Confessions Phonesex session to alleviate the weight from carrying such a deep dark secret all this time?  I know what it feels like to have secrets that you’re just so sick of keeping it feels like you’re going to explode if you don’t let it all out & spill the beans.  I know we’re not all saints & I have quite a few secrets of my own that I wouldn’t dare tell anyone I know, & that’s what’s so good about phonesex; you can confess all your sins anonymously to someone you’ll never meet & never have to worry about ratting you out.  Have you been dying to suck a cock all these years & never told a soul?  Would your wife kill you if she found out?  Or maybe you’ve done something SO BAD that your conscious is eating away at you every day of your life.  Well, whatever it might be, I promise I won’t pass judgment & will attentively listen to every word you say just like a good old friend.  I have a willing ear & just LOVE hearing deep dark secrets & kinky desires!

Confessions Phonesex sessions about dark n’ dirty secrets are always welcumed here by Shemale Dasha!  Call today to get that monkey off your back & spank it!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
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Married Phonesex

Married Phonesex can be hot for us both!

Hi, I am Delta and I am a  married 37 year old woman who enjoys lots of different things. I recently found the phone to be a very exciting venue in which to experiment and play! My husband drives a truck and is gone for 6-8 weeks at a time, then home for a week and all he does is sleeps. He makes good money and I have the freedom to do what I want, so it is more of a convenience marriage then anything. Married Phonesex can be hot for us both!

 I find myself wandering about a Hot sex life and have tried the party lines and locals ads, but they were not exciting enough for me.  I was searching around the internet one day and typed something like taboo Married Phonesex and this exact site I am blogging on popped up.

I read some of the blogs and looked at the ladies and then I found Lexi, the owner of this site…I got out my credit card and we talked for an hour, this was about 4 years ago and I have never stopped! I finally am live on her site and ready for all you naughty men who enjoy Married Phonesex gals!

Come play, Im Delta

 Some of My Specialties and things I enjoy include:

Mutual Masturbation and Extreme Tease and Denial | Married Phonesex Girl | MILF, Mature | Anal | Strap on fantasies | Ageplay Mommy | Kinky Forceful Fetishes | Sex All Day Every Day & More Raunchy Roleplay Phonesex

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Those little college hotties think they know how its done, but when I get done with them they learn a thing or two, being I’ve been around a bit longer then they have.

You want a milf  for mature phone sex who knows how to please you.  I know my son’s friends have always whacked their little willies after seeing a hot bodied mommy like me.

Now that they are older, and my son is off at college I let them cum and visit me, he will never know.  I lick my lips thinking about which one of them will come begging to taste my hot & wet pussy.

I can drain these young cocks within minutes because I know how to get the job done.  You will be coming back for more mature phone sex.


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Pregnant Phonesex with Abygail

The Pregnant Phonesex calls are rolling in!  More & more men seem to really dig these blogs I’m writing about getting fucked while having a big belly & leaking tits.  I want to take a second to thank all you callers for helping me fulfill this nasty impregnation fetish I’ve had lately—I don’t know how long it’s been since I posted the first one, but I’m still having these fantasies so often that now I’m even dreaming about them!  So my latest dream was pretty fucking kinky but I’d love to fulfill it with one of you:

So in my dream I was married, 9 months pregnant, & having nasty thoughts about my next-door neighbor, who had flirted with me since the day he moved in.  I thought once he realized I was knocked up he’d lose interest, but my new curves only intensified the heat & attraction between us.  Since it wasn’t uncommon for him to feel my tummy whenever he’d see me outside, I didn’t think anything of it until the day he got very personal & asked if my vaginal secretions had increased or started smelling differently.  That night when I tried sleeping the questions he asked ignited a fire so hot in my body that my pussy melted, drenching my panties with a flow of hot lava. I was so fucking horny I didn’t give a shit about my husband—I left the house in my nightgown & snuck into the neighbor’s house, using the spare key he’d given me for emergencies.  Once inside I undressed & crept to his bedroom, slowly pulling off his boxers & straddling him, grinding my fuzzy red liquid snatch against his thick cock until he woke up & pierced my cunt with his swollen rod like a wild animal.  I rode him hard, moaning & gasping loudly each time he arched his hips upwards and tugged my hips downward, thrusting his meaty cock so deep inside my pussy that it pounded against the back of my cervix until my water broke . . .

Pregnant Phonesex with Abygail, do you Wanna hear the rest of this wild dream?  Call me now & let’s make this trashy dream cum true in the sickest way!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
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Girl Next Door Phonesex with Danielle

I am your Girl Next Door Phonesex whore; the all-American apple pie wholesomeness that you’re just dying to stick your cock into.  I am sweet, sexy, beautiful, easy-going, & fun to be around.  And even though you’re a married man, that hasn’t stopped you from fantasizing about what fucking me would be like & jacking off every time I walk out of my house wearing something remotely sexy.  You simply can’t handle noticing my thick curvy parts no matter how well all of them are concealed.  Secretly you think that behind my sweet innocent face I’m a dirty trashy filthy whore in bed, and guess what, you’re right!  But I will tell you now that you’ll never find out just how naughty I am unless you try—you know you want to fuck me, you dirty boy, so CUM do it already!

This Girl Next Door Phonesex fantasy can be all yours tonight, all you have to do is call me for the sleaziest time of your life!

College Coed Danielle
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Cheating Shemale PhoneSex

Is a Cheating Shemale PhoneSex call for you? Since I know my succulent TS ass is so much tighter than your wife’s loose pussyhole, I think a session with me is exactly what you need!

I know we can’t go to your place because your wife & kids are home, but right here, in your car, or anywhere in the world, I want you to know it doesn’t matter as long as I have the chance to feel your cock fill my hot slick asshole.  Please pull me into your arms, kiss the nape of my neck, behind my ear; I want to feel your warm breath dancing all over my hot shemale body when I slowly wrap my longs legs around you, knowing you feel my tranny cock throbbing, pulsating against your tingling skin.  Watch closely as I place my red lips around your twitching dick & suckle you to a full-blown erection.  It musta been while since you’ve had a hot lady boy like me swallow your cum so eagerly as to lick up every last drop . . .  

A Cheating Shemale PhoneSex session is one cheap phone call away to fulfill all your naughty desires – call now!

Submissive Tranny Giana
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
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