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CBT Phonesex Sessions with Adriana – In a destructive mood the last few days!

   “Larry the slut” Then called- I had him use a wooden hairbrush to beat his cock and balls untill they were black & blue. He said it took him back to memories of getting spanked by mommy!  Then of course, I made him tell me where it hurt the most – Dumb ass – they always tell me in a stupid subbie effort to please me, knowing that where ever they tell me, i will make an extra effort to get that spot even more!

    For my next CBT session, it was all about anal insertions. And it was a very intense one. I had him gather objects from around his house varying in shapes, girth & length. He managed to aquire the following things for our CBT Phone sex session: a tooth brush, a wooden spoon, a candle, a full wine bottle, a toilet bowl brush and some rubberbands. My favorite was listening to him use the phone to fuck his ass for me on the phone. Good Cbt  Slut!

Last fetish phone sex call today was a Gyno Fetish with a twist! This call involved a pair of sturrips, some KY Lube Jelly and a HUGE anal probe fetish!

Give me a call!

Anal probe Fetish 
Strap on Fetish /Forced Bi
Gyno Fetish / Doctor
Leather Fetish / Latex Fetish
Enema Fetish
CBT Fetish / CBT Pain
Medical Fetish
Boot Fetish / Crush Fetish
Smoking Fetish
Cage Fetish
Lots More! Call me a Phone Sex Fetish Call

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Foot Fetish Goddess Phonesex

My feet will be the source of your pain and your pleasure, crushing your balls as I balance on them, and then stroking your cock to orgasm with the ultimate foot job… If you are a greedy foot whore or fantasize about a beautiful Foot Goddess to worship and adore, then I am the woman of your dreams…. I have real-time experience both with foot worship and foot domination.

I will know what you need and desire before you even speak it. I will take your foot fantasies to new heights and beyond all the limits you ever imagined. Impress me enough with your submission and I might even reward you by letting you buy my shoes to worship while we play on the phone…. I can feel your cock jumping to attention under my feet…. now all you have to do is call me



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Tom and I have a very specail thing going on.   There is nothing I love more then a man who has a soft feminine side.  He loves to wear women’s panties and the funny thing is we are almost the same size so its easy to share some of our sexy things.  

Last week I was jogging around the neighborhood and ran into a few of the married women, or what I really mean is those fucken stupid sluts ran up behind me, pulled my hir and knocked me down, and strarted shouting crude names at me like “WHORE” “SLUT” I had no idea why they would say that…. problem is my big tits and sexy body.  They were jealous because their husbands all have the hots for me and they wanted to let me know to stay away…  I had no clue these women were so insecure and childish.  I managed to make my way home after being attacked by these horrible women. 

When I got home Tom was shocked and so consoling.  Being the perfect, man he takes me to the bathroom, takes my shorts and top off,  then runs a hot bath and put lots of bubbles.  Lit some candles, and even had a bottle of wine chilled for us.   I slipped off my bra and panties and got in to soak.  Tom began to wash and massage my neck and back, cleaned the wounds on my arms and face from trying to fend off those nasty jealous housewives.  Now  I”m totally relaxed and feeling horny from the wine.  Tom picks me up in a big fluffy towel and carries me to the bedroom.  He lays me down on the bed and proceeds to kiss me passionately, after a few hot wet kisses I was ready for his mouth to  cover my pussy.  Well you get the idea, we proceeded to fuck eachother silly until we orgasm together.  Still holding me tight, we catch our breath and fall asleep spooning. 

I will role play any fantasy you have.   Call me at 1-888-221-9006 I”m usuallly up late at night and horny as hell.

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I”m very new to the whole phone sex scene, but I have always been a dominant girl.  Nothing pleases me more then watching a man grovel on his knees begging me to let him cum.  I love to tease and deny your pleasure. 

I have several tricks and ways of making you submit to me.  I will torment and tease you.  I’ll put you in a chasity device and not allow you to cum for days, even weeks until you are ready to call me and only then will I unlock your cock and let you touch it.  I will never touch your little weiner. 

The only thing Iwill let you do, is get on your knees and stand over you so you can taste my juicy wet cunt.

If you are looking for a mean and strict Mistress look no further, Scarlet is here for all your tease and denial needs. or find me online at

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I love to role play and have many freaky fantasies we can play out. I can be the sexy young girl who lives next door or your best friend’s wife, maybe you have a collage professor you’d love to bang.  I have beautiful perfectly perky breasts for you play with, soft hands to help you masturbate and an imagination that will bring us both to ecstasy.

Maybe you have been a very naughty boy and have no body to tell your devious tales to.  I can be your secret confident.  I promise I won’t tell, unless you want me to tell… I’m an expert blackmailer and will make you beg me not to tell anyone what you have done.   I am always available for chat sessions as well.  You can find me at for Chat or Email communications.  I’d love to hear from you soon.  1-999-221-9006 check out my profile at

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Mistress Raven

Always remember that your Mistress likes all types kink and naughty calls, but my biggest pleasure comes from taking your responsibilities away, allowing you to feel a total loss of control, in a completely discreet, sensual and safe environment.

I will break the boundaries of shame and embarrassment and break down your facade so that you may feel the pleasures of a stinging paddle, thick straps, hard dildos, and humiliating servitude, erotic bondage and sensual domination.

Do NOT be tricked into a false sense of security thoughYou Mistress can be a total bitch as well as a titillating seductress.

 Total Surrender is what I demand…Total satisfaction is what I deliver…Call me now…

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louise26Domination means taking control without having to raise my voice. You’d never stand a chance with a woman as beautiful, controlling and demanding as I am, and knowing that makes you feel even weaker, more emasculated, more submissive than ever. You’ll call and confess your sexual shame, inadequacy, and most embarrassing secrets, and I’ll help to put you in exactly the place you belong: beneath me. After you’re properly unmanned, we’ll take you a step further in your transformation and push you to new levels of sexual shame. This is a place where you can confess about what a sexual weakling and sexually obsessed jerk-off addict you really are.

My style is sensual domination and prolonged behavior modification: without yelling or screaming or shouting silly names at you like so many wannabee dommes do, I will calmly listen and then comment upon your situation in a manner that goes to the core of your weakness. Once I know your secrets, I will strip away all false notions of manhood and turn you into the little submissive sissy boy you are.  You were never fated to be a dominant male; instead your role is to give up control and hand it to someone who knows far better than you how to mold your silly submissive soul. Once you admit your inadequate status you will be able follow the shameful fate you were meant to follow. A real man? No real man would ever find such things at all exciting. The hardness in your little dick is the proof that this is what you are: even your sexual instinct tells you to serve and follow and obey. Now pick up the phone, my little subbie, and call me. Small penis / tiny cock losers, sissified late bloomers, cuckolded husbands, sissification / feminization panty boys, strap-on dildo lovers, houseboys and sissy boy maids, subs who require face smacking, ass spanking, caning, or paddling, face sitting, or prostate-milking, and little dick wankers are all welcome. Real men are out with real women having real sex right now, while you’re home alone with your pathetic little dick: That is not fantasy, that’s reality. Miss Louise will take you to the place you need to be right now.

Just call me at 1-888-820-8084 and ask for Louise. 

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