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Mutual Masturbation Phonesex with Tiffany

The many Mutual Masturbation Phonesex calls I’ve had lately where dudes hang me out to dry with a hot wet pussy are driving me crazy!  It would really be nice when a guy calls & wants mutual masturbation that he really means mutual (LMFAO‼).  I love most of my callers & I’m not trying to be rude here, I’m just saying that it’s more fun if we both get off together.  Some of my favorite guys are the ones that buy enough time to build a fantasy, are talkative, & take turns guiding the call.  Things like telling me how to touch my pussy, when to pinch my nipples, & how hard his cock is getting when he imagines what my moist little pussy smells like seriously turn me on!  It’s not too much to ask, don’t ya think? ~giggles~

A Mutual Masturbation Phonesex with me means I really wanna cum hard for you!

School Girl Tiffany
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