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Naughty Neighbor Phonesex with Danielle

The slut in me likes Naughty Neighbor Phonesex sessions because they take you to a fantasy place where sex with anyone at any time is a possibility.  My favorite role-play has to be the one where I’m the young slut next door whose neighbor has been crushing on for a long time.  We know each other kinda well, I grew up next to him & say hi & stuff but we’re not like best friends or anything.  I tease him with my tight clothes & torture him by masturbating with my bedroom curtains open at night.  I know he watches me playing with my pussy but he doesn’t know that I do it just for him!  Then one night when I’m sure he’s being a peeping pervert, I text him & say I’m so hot for your cock, baby, wanna play?   From there it can be as mild or wild as we choose to take it!  What dark kinky place would you take this hot role-play to if you were my older, married neighbor?

Call me for a Naughty Neighbor Phonesex session full of steamy no taboo sex!  I have no limits & anything goes here as long as you get off!

College Coed Danielle
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Neighborhood Slut PhoneSex with Teen Tiffany

Who doesn’t wanna fuck the young Neighborhood Slut PhoneSex girl?  Lol, all the guys already want to fuck me (what’s left of the ones that haven’t yet, anyway), I can’t imagine how much more tempted they’d be if they knew what I did for a living!  I know it would be a fun role-play to do with you, like, really, it’s not a role-play I’ve ever done before!  And those kinds of role-plays that can really happen in real life are the ones that get my pretty pink pussy oh so wet.  So I’ll be your average, cute, ditzy giggly happy neighborhood slut who thinks she’s too good to fuck a nerd like you.  Until one day you call phonesex & realize it’s me you’re talking too!  So now I have a HUGE secret & we both know that secret’s not safe with you.  So how you wanna play this; break in & rape me?  Blackmail me into fucking you?  Make me your personal fuck toy for the rest of my miserable little life?  The cat’s outta the bag . . .

I’m that naughty Neighborhood PhoneSex Slut you know deserves to be raped & blackmailed!  And I know as long as I keep you happy my secret’s safe with you ~winks~

School Girl Tiffany
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 peeping tom phonesex

Peeping Tom phonesex

Peeping Tom phonesex … You are caught! I seen you last night outside my window watching me as I was coming out of the shower. Instead of confronting you about it, I decided to put on a little show for you. How did you like it when I laid down on my bed, spread my legs and started fingering my tight little pussy for you…

Come over tonight and see what sort of show I put on for you! I may just invite you in! But you have to be quiet, I would hate for us to get caught *giggles* Peeping Tom phonesex


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Hi guys, my parents have left me all alone today…

I am scared and dont know what to do. I knock on your door… I tell you I just moved in next door and I was alone, of course you already knew who I was…you have been spending countless hours peeping into my windows at me!

What will you do? Invite me in? Take advantage?

Call me and tell me!

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Mature phone sex with ShayYou seem to always come by and notice me cleaning my house thru an open window, huh?

You always walk by hoping to get a good view of me doing anything as I don’t usually wear to much around the house while I am taking my phone sex calls. You like the way my tight ass jiggles as I walk by with my feather  duster, don’t you?

You know you just want to rip off my panties and fuck me from behind . . You want to slip that hard, throbbing cock of yours into my  tight asshole! Go ahead, be a man and do it, after all this MILF deserves to be fucked for all the teasing, you know she leaves those windows open on purpose!

Let’s talk—call me now!

There’s no shame in my game!

Shay –

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If you are looking for a hot little phone slut that is nasty, wild and kinky, then you found her. I am a wild, naughty, no limits kindof girl with me you can have whatever it is that you want. There is no fantasy that is off limits and I have no restrictions!

Let me be your naughty little girl that sleeps around with you buddies and then invites you up to my room with mommy is sleeping…..

Let me be the daughter of your boss…If you want to keep your job, then you will lick my pussy and fuck me really hard! Make sure your cum goes right in my mouth or I wont be happy!

MmM I am really loving the neighbors new dog, I think you should offer to walk their dog and bring him over here. OMG look at that hard doggy cock!!!

The list of fantasies are endless and there are no limits and no taboos with me!

Cum join me and lets have some fun!!

Krystal * 1-888-229-2510


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 Hey Boys,

I love naughty roleplays. With me, there is nothing that is off limits or TO TABOO.  When I hear the word roleplay, my tight little pussy gets so so wet and I just cant help but start playing with my pussy, getting it nice and wet and cumming  so fucking hard for you!

I have a wide rang of fantasies. I can be your naughty little girl next door that just teases you so much that you can not help but come over when you see my parents leave, knock on the door, and as soon as I answer the door, you just come right in, bend me over the couch and fuck my tight little cunt till you cum…..
I can be your aggressive college  girl that makes you get down on your knees and kiss my feet up to my pussy to my ass, making you worship the fucking ground that I walk on….Leading you to the ultimate most intense orgasm you have had in a long time!

So you name it Baby! Whatever the fantasy is, I am up for it!



Kitten * 1-888-229-2510

AIM- xtabookitten


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If you are into the nasty and taboo, then I am the girl for you. I am sweet, loveable and nastier than you could ever imagine! I am into all the nasty taboo subjects, the subjects that you can only think about…

 Treat me like your little slut, because thats what I am. I tease, please and take you over the edge when it comes to fulfilling a fantasy! 

Daddys Little Girl–Daddy, I have been a naughty, naughty girl, I think you need to teach me a lesson….

Naughty Neighbor–MmM I see you watching me all the time, this time, I think we should act out a little, Wanna come in?? My parents are gone for the day!

Naughty Girl Scout–Hi Mister, I am selling some really yummy cookies, would you like to try some?? If you buy three boxes, you get a special little surprise!

Teacher/Student–Teacher, I am in desperate need of an A in your class. Is there ANYTHING I can do for extra credit??**Giggles**

Accomplice–I am so totally willing to help you do some naughty, nasty things to this cute little slut….MmmWhat should we do First??

Give me a call and lets have some hot, nasty, NO LIMITS/NO TABOO FuN!



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