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no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex

There are many no taboo phone sex fantasies that we can do together and some that make me (just at the thought of them) cream in my panties. I want to be the nasty and vial lil slut in all of your role-play needs, I have NO TABOOS so tell me all of your nasty stories.

I love it all from naughty babysitter to the seductive teen next door you have been lusting over for years and years, you watched me grow up and develop into quite a girl. You have probably jerked that cock off to me more times then you have with your boring ole wife!

It is time for you to show me exactly what you have for me, all those years wishing and yearning to fuck me and cum all over me, well i am 18 now and a flirtatious lil fuck! Come show me what you have been wanting to do!

* Roleplay * Gang bangs * Family Fun * Humiliation/Feminization * Tease & Denial * Cuckold * no taboo phone sex

I can’t wait to hear about all your dirty little secrets and no taboo phone sex needs!


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 chat Accomplice Phonesex with Monika

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Kinky phonesex

Kinky Phonesex

I go by Ashley…. People think I’m an innocent and a dumb blonde, but that’s not really the case. I’m a freak undercover but no one will ever suspect anything that I do. I love to wear short shorts and let my sexy butt cheeks hang out because I know you’re looking. I can be what you want, anything you want, you got it. I can suck your cock so hard you won’t even know your cumming. Call me if you want to have some fun kinky phonesex… Ohhhh bring your friends too hehehe! I have the most sexy and sweetest voice ever, your dicks going to leak once you hear my sweet seductive voice.  I’m down for anything, if you don’t believe me then call me to find out what I’m really about during this hot and kinky phonesex conversation. You know I’m your dream girl. Come On give me a call.


My Yahoo ID is: squirt4ashley

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Kinky Phonesex

Kinky Phonesex Addict

I am such a Kinky Phonesex addict, the dirtier the better for me. I would love you to call me and tell me your dirtiest, most perverted fantasies, and you will get to hear mine. I love anything and everything, especially a fuck filthy bukkake party where I’ve swallowed 11 men’s spunk and still wanted more.

Call me and let’s release those horny fantasies of yours, and mine too, hope you’re ready as I have no morals whatsoever because I’m such a Kinky Phonesex addict.

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Brother Sister Phonesex

Brother Sister Phonesex 

How often has your horny imagination wandered and you’ve thought about fucking your Sister? I love having Brother Sister Phonesex chat, knowing that I have been teasing you for years, and now it’s time for you to get your own back, and fulfill all those filthy thoughts. I want to be your Sister and you can do to me whatever you want.

Imagine me on my knees sucking your cock for the first time, tasting your precum before bending over and offering my hot holes to you. You can tell me how often you have found my dirty panties and wanked off into them imagining all of this happening for real. Brother Sister Phonesex can be as filthy as you want.


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Lexi-ok (19)What happens on a phone sex call after you get off? Do you hang up on the girl? Does it feel all awkward when you cum? I encounter all types of callers with different reactions afte they squirt their load. I have guys who have called me several times and still hang up on me the second they cum on the phonesex call. Maybe they wanted to go to get cleaned up. Maybe they are in a hurry. Maybe it is “dirtier” that way! Sort of like picking a chick up in a bar and fucking her senseless and then kicking her out the minute you’ve cum lol!

I have some callers who obviously feel some sense of shame after. They almost behave like they are embarrassed. I’m sure not, but they seem to be. I have some callers who are less than embarrassed but maybe just don’t know what to say after.

I even know many phone sex operators who seem to clam up or feel some of the mentioned ways. I’ve known of girls in this business that actually get pissed off because a guy just hangs up. I always felt like it’s your call, you can end it how you want so it’s never offended me as a person. But I do think also that there is an after phone sex protocol that is almost no different then having real sex.

It’s a very private, real, and personal thing to share your orgasm with me. The least I can do is try to make you laugh after to release the tension of all that blood flow returning to your brain again. I guess we can’t cuddle after but we can be sweet to each other, or chitchat about something normal for a few minutes. Also releases that tension of returning blood flow. Sometimes the nicest thing a guy says to me on/after a phone sex call is simply “thank you”. I’m not a rocket scientist, I am not making a major contribution to the world… but the thank you is always really nice to hear!

LEXI – Website Owner and phone sex Girl!

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