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Don’t wait  call me now!  I will make your dick explode!

Love Yoshie


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In high school I was known as the biggest cum slut on the planet, and I think that is why I love cum slut phone sex so much!

In college I’m known as the “mistress” of nasty  phonesex.

I’m a downright dirty girl who isn’t ashamed of her body or with the nasty xxx things I do with it! If you want a cum slut phonesex slut that isn’t afraid to try new things and loves to be degraded, humiliated, raped, abused, and beaten, then I’m the whore for you!

Call me now! My specialties are submissive men, pantyhose fetish, dirty girls on the phone and anything nasty an taboo like K9, cum slut phone sex, snowballs and more!

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Cross Dresser Phonesex with TS Giana

I love Cross Dresser Phonesex calls!  The girl in me really gets off on dressing up macho men & training them how to look & act like proper cock loving sluts.  I not only have the vivid imagination it takes to guide you through a naughty fantasy, but as well have a huge wardrobe filled with all kinds of slutty outfits to fulfill every secret cross-dressing desire you have.  I’m no stranger to the excitement of dressing in up women’s clothes, I know nothing feels as delicious as a pair of silk pantyhose rubbing against freshly shaved skin or a pair of tight lacy panties snugly holding your cock against your tummy!

A Cross Dresser Phonesex session with TS Giana will let your inner woman step out of the closet today!  Call now for a no taboos feminization fantasy!

Submissive Tranny Giana
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Pantyhose Fetish Phonesex with Abygail

I must admit that I have an obsession for Pantyhose Fetish Phonesex.  Whether it’s me wearing them or a sissy boy caller describing how erotic a silky pair of stockings feels sliding up his thighs, it all works for me in the wet pussy department.  It’s easy to understand why guys get so hard—just thinking of a cheap whore or a high-class hooker strutting around in thigh highs & a garter belt makes me cream my panties!  And rubbing a guy’s cock with a stocking-covered toe?  Forget it—I already came, like, yesterday!  Everyone knows how sexy pantyhose & stockings are, but not many people will go so far as to make a huge production of them in a kinky role-play or a naughty foreplay session.  I’m not one of those people, I’ll go all the way lol!  Will you?

Pantyhose Fetish Phonesex & obsessions with garter belts, stockings, and corsets are what I’m all about this evening.  Give me a call for a no taboo fantasy role-play session today!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom!

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pantyhouse phonesexPantyhose phone sex with Jasmine

pantyhose phone sex calls are very hot and a personal fetish of mine! Do you like your girls in pantyhose without panties? Do you like fancy garters and thigh highs? How about those on a beautiful exotic girl like me? I love to wear them and describe to you how sticky and wet they get while we are having phonesex.
I imagine you bending me over and making a hole in them so you can really fuck me deep and hard through the fabric. Or, even better yet, taking them off slowly and wrapping them around your cock.  Lot’s of different things we can do and  pantyhose phone sex calls are are a HUGE turn on for me.

So what are you waiting for – you know the drill – sit back, relax, pull out that hard cock & let your fingers do the walking! I have no taboos & do it all: Ageplay, Watersports, cuckolding or pantyhose phone sex  . . . just pick your poison!


First Timer callers get 5 minutes Free Phone sex with purchases of 1st call!
Call Me or my friends at: 1-866-909-9059  for  Taboo Phone Sex

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For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what the sticky white dried-up shit on my dresses, dirty panties, garter belts, & crotch of my pantyhose was.  Then one night while undressing in what’s supposed to be the privacy of my own bedroom, I realized my perverted little grandson was watching from the closet. Apparently my boy wasn’t really the sweet innocent child I thought him to be but really a pussy-obsessed peeping Tom.  When I opened the closet, I told him he was lucky that granny loves her cock meat young and also has a penchant for family fun incest.  I then threw that little shit on the bed and laid my fat granny ass & tart wet pussy straight onto his filthy little face.  After fucking him for a good solid hour the little bastard creampied my hairy old cunt with throbbing pee pee.  As further punishment, I made him suck the my cum clean out of my wide, quivering sluthole & sticky ass.  Do you have a thing for cougar grannies too?  Call me today & let’s play!

Granny Beth 

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I’m a very sexually driven woman and vibrant Milf and I seem to get hornier as the years creep up. I’m a chronic masturbater, feel incredibly sexy in my pantyhose / lingerie, and there’s numerous other things that excite me when it comes to the sexual arena. If my man isn’t around; my vibrator and I cannot be parted haha.

Recently I’ve become an occasional squirter…what a wonderful feeling that is! I love to talk sex, and be part of it. I’m a slight exhibitionist, part tease, and a very eager voyeur. My man can fuck me all he wants, but I love to fuck him too. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite it’s oral sex…I just love how a mans cock feels growing in my mouth. So why not cum and experience the power of a mature, confidant, experienced lady sucking your cock and see how HOT it can really get!

SHERYL 1-888-221-9006

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I love the feeling of pantyhose against my skin. Garter belts, thigh highs, or the full coverage ones with the white crotch reinforcement.

Do you crave a woman who would wear sexy pantyhose for you? If thats your fetish, or any other fetish you have, then you’ve cum to the right place, baby!

I do erotic phonesex, everyone loves a slut, creampie phonesex, nasty talking hotties, or pantyhose fetish!

Hot Phone sex roleplays with Monika

Leg Fetish Phone sex, Pantyhose fetish Phone sex, Leg worship phone sex  More


Monika <–Click to view my Pesonal Profile
taboo.monika <–is where you can IM me on yahoo
Blogs <– View My Personal Blogs Here

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Hello all you horny little foot fetish phone sex guys. I love to wear sexy high heels and strappy sandals that show off my pretty manicured feet. Are you a pantyhose wearing little slut too? I know you love to play with your little peepee inside your panties or pantyhose.

Wouldn’t you love to get down on your hands and knees to kiss my feet and lick my toes. Show me how you will grovel at my beautiful feet. Let me walk all over you and I will let you wear my pretty shoes and drool over my shoe collection. 

 Call to speak with me. I am the expert in foot wear apparel.


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I spoke to a hot, strong, and willing new submissive today. He is very exciting, and I have high hopes for him.  However, I had to explain the rules to him a few too many times and was forced to flog him at one point.  The rules for new subs are simple: while you are in training you must always address me properly! AND you must ask permission before orgasming, even if I say no the first time.

While he failed on the first rule several times, he excelled on rule number two.  Teaching him to allow someone else to take control for a while is going to be fun.

I told him to buy a pair of pantyhose, and to be wearing them and nothing else next time he calls. I have a feeling he’ll be one of my favorite pets.

Cum see me and the other hot phonesex girls at! So many to choose from and look at! Also try our chatroom!


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Having My feet and legs adored, pampered, and worshiped is One of My favorite things. As I arrive home from a grueling day at the office you would have Me sit.  In an over stuffed upholstered chair you greet Me at the door.  As I sit you hand Me My  martini, slide off My black leather sling back pump and begin to worship it.  Slowly you work your way to My pantyhose covered foot worn all day long. I want you to inhale the fragrance of My sweaty, leather bound feet. My toes, My arch, you crave them all.If you have a strong desire and craving for the pleasure of My feet – Cummm visit Me. 

GILF Jackie


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Office sex with Autumn!

I got all dressed up for my first interview with a big firm. I know I’m young and hot with beautiful tits, and a nice round ass, but I wanted to prove that I could make money all by myself and not have to rely on men to buy me nice things all the time. I wore a nice black skirt, sheer black pantyhose, red high heels, a lace take top with a nice button up sweater over the top. I tied my hair in pig tails, put on red lipstick and showed up at the office that was looking for a girl to answer the phones.

The man interviewing me was a total hottie and I could tell that he wanted me by the way he looked me up and down. I found myself posing my body in a sexy position so he could see my ass really well before I took a seat. I can’t help that men are crazy for me, because I spoke to him for a little while and then I was showing him my special qualifications by taking his long, hard dick into my sexy red mouth and leaving a trail of red suck marks on his cock, and then licking down towards his balls and leaving kiss marks all over his ball sack with my favorite shade of red lipstick.

He used my piggy tails as “handle bars” to make sure he pulled my hair so tight that I got every drop of his cream, and I started to gag on his long tool as he busted his nuts down my throat. Well, I got the job. I only have to show up for 1 hour ever day, and I get paid for the full 8, FULL benefits, plus bonuses!

Your Favorite phone sex office slut, Autumn!

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Share your perverted rape phone sex  fantasy with me. I have a dirty little secret. I love to talk to guys who want to force me to spread my tight wet pussy for them, and rape my virgin ass. Do you want a pretty young hottie begging you to stop as you stretch her pussy to the max? Hearing me whine and beg only turns you on more, so you roll me over to violate my tender virgin asshole.

I love to hear about you ripping out the crotch of my pantyhose and slamming your thick cock into me in public. Every time you call me, and force me to be your cum slut I will finger myself until I cum in your ear. Naughty, kinky forced fucking turns this adventurous babe on!


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I’m the kind of girl who daydreams alot. I have tons of sex fantasies, but one of the hottest ones I have had recently involves a hot female professor fucking her male student. Oh yeah, this hot teacher babe also has huge tits.

Well my fantasy just became a hot role play that made me cum so hard. I got to play naughty teacher who kept my willing male student after class to help him with his “oral report”.

I laid on my desk while he peeled off my pantyhose and instructed him to slide his tongue in and out of my wet hole as I played with my rock hard nipples. My student was eager to learn, and I taught him how to please my pussy.

Now that I am giving him private lessons I’m sure he will be getting an A+ from now on.


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Got a hot pantyhose fetish?

I love wearing all types of hose and thigh highs from the old shiny control tops to the more artistically designed ones like I have on in this photo shoot! Pantyhose have a variety of feels, colors, strengths and even lengths (thigh, knee and full)

I will be honest though, although these look good I like the feel of the old style pantyhose – the stockings my mom use to wear – I remember sitting at her feet rubbing her legs for hours!

So let me put a pair on for you and just rip a hole in them and fuck me good!

Pantyhose & Stocking phonesex fetish with Adriana!

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I have an obsession with lingerie; panties, bras, garter belts, pantyhose, stockings, thigh-highs, you name it, chances are I have it.  I own many corsettes and also latex & rubber skirts.  I even have 5 different body stockings!  I may look to you like the girl next door or even like daddy’s little girl, but I have a spoiled bratty streak in me at all times!  I can be sweet and let you spank me, but will make you dress up for me in return.  So all you sissyboys, faggots, and crossdressers out there, give me a call for some wild fantasy phonesex today!


Naughty Graphic

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Our girls also specialize and love all fetishes and role plays including but not limited to :

Odor Fetish’s – Anal Phone Sex- Oral Fixation – Foot worship – Barely legal & teen Phone Sex girls – Peeping Toms – Bondage – BDSM – Role play – Panty Boys- Sissy Phonesex Boys – Rubber – Latex – PVC fetish’s – Pantyhose – Belts & spankings – Authority role plays as in Police officer, Boss – Strangers – Public places – Rape- Up skirt – Panties – High heels – Smoking And so much more!


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You want to fuck me? Come on then… bend me over right here.. right now… I don’t care if someone is watching. I will wrap these long legs around you and ride until you beg me to let you cum.

Use my ass, or let me play with you and a friend. Slide your hands up my pantyhose, feel them against your skin, the heat of my flesh meeting yours through the silk. You know you want me. Let me dress you in my panties and make you my bitch. My strap on has your name all over it. I do love my sissy boys, come on, be my little slut, I won’t tell anyone.

 Call now – Adriana

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I may look like a sweet piece of innocent meat, but I have a really bad streak that gets me into lots of trouble & tons of kinky fun.  I love to tie my Sugar Daddy up to the bed and watch him squirm as I drip hot wax all over his cock & balls!  Once I milked his prostate—omg—the loads of cum that squirted out of that mans cock left gobs all over my face!  When he’s a good boy and does what I say, I dress up in pretty panties, lacy stockings, and sometimes even full support pantyhose for him.  He loves my barely legal cunt so much there’s nothing that man won’t do for me!  Does this sound like fun to you?  I’m always looking for a new daddy & am down to be your filthy little cocksucking whore any day of the week if you’re up for some mutual masturbation phonesex!

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Foot fetish phone sex!Today I went shoe shopping.  There was this wicked sexy pair of black vinyl pumps that made my legs look so hot I got horny just looking at the shoes! ashley32.jpg

Anyway, this guy is helping me try on the shows, right?  Well, at first I could have sworn he stroked my foot a couple times but shrugged it off & decided it was all in my mind.  He complimented me on my thigh high Nylons and I though he just appreciated pantyhose, or something when he knows they are expensive.  When I was ready to leave he gave me his card, and he leaned over and whispered “I’d do ANYTHING to get the chance to suck your pretty toes“.  Guess what I did? I called him and made a date for that very night.  Those shoes were so hot I was feeling aroused already…


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Im here just for you today, to please and excite you, to endulge you with my sweet sexyt body and Hot mind. I want to play your little phone whore for the day.

Call me right now and ask for Me- Charlene

Panty hose fetish ~ Shoe Fetish ~ Family fun Role Plays ~ Golden Shower & Scat ~ Feminization ~ Little dick Humiliation ~ Sensual Domination ~ Nasty Fetishes ~ K9 ~ Beastiallity ~ Bondage ~ And much much more!

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ashley5.jpgI had a great call with the pantie slut phone sex lover who came in my panties as soon as I slid them on him! Lol…please have a variety of panties in hand when calling! I also dont mind other pretty things like bras and pantyhose!

ASHLEY *~* 1-866-923-0069
Lets Play one of these scenes out…

  • Your neighbor who I found stroking with my lace panties in my laundry room.
  • I am your sister who caught you in my panty drawer!
  • The male secretary who didn’t particularly like working for a woman so I made you wear my panties at your desk in front of the rest of the office. I need to put you in your place!

I have quite the panty fetish too and always enjoy my panty callers.

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I’m a very sexually driven woman and vibrant Milf  and I seem to get hornier as the years creep up. I’m a chronic masturbater, feel incredibly sexy in my pantyhose / lingerie, and theres numerous other things that excite me when it comes to the sexual arena. If my man isn’t around; my vibrator and I cannot be parted haha.

Recently I’ve become an occassional squirter…what a wonderful feeling that is! I love to talk sex, and be part of it. I’m a slight exhibitionist, part tease, and a very eager voyeur. My man can fuck me all he wants, but I love to fuck him too. If I absolutely had to pick a favorite it’s oral sex…I just love how a mans cock feels growing in my mouth. So why not cum and experience the power of a mature, confidant, experienced lady sucking your cock and see how HOT it can really get!

SHERYL 1-888-221-9006

also check out

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So this guy calls me up and and wants to know… how big ARE your tits, really? I told him that if he guessed he could get a free call.  I even gave him 3 guesses. He was wrong every time. Hahahahaha. He had to pay.  So, I’m going to give you a chance, to see if you’re paying attention, to win 5 FREE EXTRA MINUTES with EVERY PAID CALL. (Maybe if I do it capital letters you’ll see past the titties… ya think?All you have to do is remember the answer that he didn’t guess right. My titties are sized 32EEE.  For those of you who have a hard time wrapping your head around that, just remember… fucking HUGE. So, if you wanna tittyfuck these giant melons baby, you can get 5 extra minutes with each paid call and all you have to do is remember to ask for it and mention that you heard about these 32EEE’s on my blogpage! Make it as dirty as you want… we can have some nasty phone sex, or if you’re into a pantyhose fetish, well… so am I, so lets talk about anything else we may have in common.  And get 5 extra minutes for free when you’re doin it…. just remember to ask about these 32EEE’s!

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