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Exhibitionist Phonesex Slut Danielle

Sometimes my Exhibitionist Phonesex calls lead me to dark places with lots of bushes.  Other times it’s been as simple as walking out a door.  I have to admit that I’ve gotten pretty horny on a few of them & have taken up a dare or two!  Once I changed into a really short skirt with no panties, slid a small dildo up my pussy, & sat across the elevator doors at my friend’s apartment building (I was apartment-sitting).  The guy made me play with myself while he described what he wanted me to do.  It was so hot!  I sat in a position on the floor in a way that made it hard for someone walking by to see that I was getting off, unless they really stopped & took a good look.  I felt like such a filthy slut but swear I came like 3 times while we were on the phone!  Have you ever done something as nasty as this?

Exhibitionist Phonesex Slut Danielle has lots of uninhibited erotic stories to share with you!  Call today & experience a true phone sex slut!

College Coed Danielle
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Public Phonesex Slut  ~Ruby~

Public Phonesex Slut

Well I’m not exactly a Public Phonesex Slut persay, since I do my calls from my home, but I’ve had many callers addicted to the excitement of calling from public places.  

He’ll be sitting at the bar, scouting the scantily-clad eye candy, his cock bulging in delight at all the young pussy in the room.  Knowing he doesn’t want to cheat on his wife, he calls me instead.  Together we concoct a fantasy about the girl wearing shorts small enough to pass as underwear.  I pretend I’m her, tilting my head forward, running the olive around the rim of my martini.  He stares at my hard little nipples & I catch his gaze, smiling back as my bright red lips suck the olive clean off it’s toothpick.  He knows this means I want to suck his cock, & off to the bathroom we go.  He strokes as I describe what my wet smelly cunt looks like under those tight shorts, how sticky, nasty, filthy-dirty it would to bend my slutty barely legal ass over the sink and pump me full of cum.   Hot, isn’t it?

If you’ve never experienced a Public Phonesex Slut session then you don’t know what the hell you’re missing!  Call me for a hot roleplay today!

Naughty Tease Ruby
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Do you enjoy public masturbation? I sure do!

I was out in a diner the other night late after a few hours at a bar and one (okay 10) to many drinks. It was 3am, and needless to say I was feeling very frisky & the guy sitting across from me was steady watching me,

I decided to see just how interested he was, so i reached under my table and lifted my skirt so he could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties. His eyes got huge and I saw him unzip his pants.

I slid my hand to my already very wet and warm pussy and began spreading my legs further apart. He pulled his cock out, and It was already very hard! We passed glances and halted our movement for the occasional waitress asking us if everything was okay with our food. We both ended up cumming at almost the same time and it was really fucking hot! Let’s talk about the naughty things you have done & I may tell you about more things that I have done!



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