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secretary phonesex

Saucy secretary phonesex secret.

I would imagine your office would look a whole lot brighter with me as your temp. I love having phonesex fantasies about being a saucy secretary. I would show you how much I need my job by teasing you with my gorgeous long stocking clad legs, crossing them, teasing you as I am wearing stockings, my ample cleavage on display knowing you are getting a Mother of all hard-on’s.

I would be on my knees unzipping your pants, taking your cock deep into the back of my throat, feasting on your precum, before you turn me over and release that pent up frustration of a ‘hard’ morning deep inside of me. secretary phonesex can be really fun and we can do any other fantasy you would like.

Sheryl – Mature Phone Sex Hottie

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naughty secretary phonesex

Naughty secretary Phonesex with GILF Louise

Come  in my office for some naughty secretary phonesex. I love wearing stockings, suit jackets with Lacy Cami’s  and of course high heels.

I’ve been told I look very sexy in my glasses, quite prim, but underneath is a total mature and willing slut waiting to have your cock weeping with precum when I explain what I’m going to be doing with you.

I love playing out fantasies where I am in charge, whether its the secretary, the teacher or even your boss. Want you to tell me all your naughty secretary phonesex secrets so I can help play out and pick a roleplay that would be perfect for us to do!

GILF phone sexwith Granny Louise

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One of the things I love about working for Myself is that I can dress in any manner I choose.
I prefer to do everything in the nude.
I consider Myself a nudist – preferred attire.
How about you ?
Yes…it has it’s drawbacks (cold seats, hot seats, etc.)
How often are you nude ? ?
Get nude n call Me. 


Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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If you like work scenerios, I have had a life long history of seduction at work. Even as a teen working as a waitress, I made a life of getting my way with my boss. Teasing, suggestive behavior, and staying late to make his cock happy. You ever wonder if people ever have sex on the table you are eating on, well the answer is yes.

I worked my way up to a secretary at an office firm where “sleeping with the boss” became more interesting and the places became more kinky! Call me to find out what some of the wildest places to have sex are…church…school (while picking up kid) and much more!


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