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small cock humiliation

Small cock humiliation

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I was hanging out in chat today trying to find a real man to do some hot phone fucking when this little cocked guy named Jamie came in and introduced himself to me. Some guys will say they have a small cock just to get you to tell them it is really large and stroke there ego. I wasn’t in the mood for small cock humiliation but that made me!

Well let me tell you, he was NOT lying. This has got to be the most pathetic and smallest cock in history. No stroking here, just rub it like a clitty. HAHAHAHA Poor Jamie even had a hooker turn him down. OMFG a hooker with standards.

I have made him MY bitch and now it is time to pimp his ass out for the first time. Any of you real men want to get in on fucking MY bitches ass? Lets have some hot small cock humiliation phonesex today!

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Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation

I am so disappointed today. I told you guys about how much I have been craving cock lately. I crave it so much that I can taste it. But anyway, I met this guy who I have class with for lunch. He told me that he always thought that I was such a pretty girl and all the stuff that guys say to get the pussy.

I was horny so it didn’t matter what he said to me. But we end up at my place where we are fooling around. He keeps telling me about how big his cock is and I get instantly wet. I worship big cocks. I love how they feel in my throat and in my pussy. So he starts fingering me and i can’t take it for much longer; I want to taste him. I unbuckle his belt and this little baby dick pops out. He doesn’t even notice how disappointed I was.

It had to be 3 inches, hard. Can you believe that? 3 inches. What the hell are you going to do with 3 measly inches? That thing may as well be a clit. How pathetic is that? And it wasn’t even thick. A guy like that only deserves to worship me and eat me out. So I curse him out and kick him in the crotch for having such a small dick and guess what the little cunt does; he cums. He cums allover himself. He gets off on small dick humiliation. I was more than happy to tell him about that little crayon stub of a dick that he had. Uggghh, why can’t I get a big one? The next small dick guy that I meet is going to really get it, he has no idea what he is in for.

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little dick phonesex

little dick phonesex loserslittle dick phonesex

Hi all of you subby little dick phonesex losers.  I talked to lil penis boy “lil one” again this week and he told he has been so very naughty.

He loves to get off by flashing young girls by showing off his tiny little dick.  It makes him cum so hard when he sees their faces and hears them laughing at his extremely small penis.

Does your member measure up?  If not give Louise a call and she will tease and deny you little dick phonesex too.  I love to cuckold too!

Nothing better then getting pounded by a big fat dick and making you watch while you rub your nub.  hahahahahahahahahahaha


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Small white dick humiliation phonesex

Small white dick humiliation phonesex

What is with you boys and the big black cock phone sex? So many of you call our girls begging to be forced to slurp the creamy white cum from a huge thick nigger dick, and, well, in our forced bisexuality phone sex scenarios we must say we are happy to accommodate.

Your curiosity regarding nigger dick and big black cock is amusing to us. We use these terms loosely and as entertained observers of the white male syndrome of envy. The  very idea what you big black cock lovers crave is being forced to suck a hung black guy while we watch and laugh is more then satisfying. I will watch and I will make you gag on that big black dick until you make him shoot a hot thick load of cum all over your face! Small white dick humiliation phonesex is so much fun but  All role play needs will be honored.

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Hey all you sissy’s out there , my name is Dawn.
I’m a hot slut looking for a cuckold that wants to have phone sex with this hot cunt while  your wife is out fucking her other huge cocked BF’s.
She only even lets you  watch but you better not fucking touch either one of them! And you BETTER not think about touching youself either!

Well here is a new twist…Making you watch me while I eat out my girlfriend. You like to watch us don’t you sissy ?  You want to be us! You want to taste, smell? Why don’t you call me and tell me about it. Call me for some phonesex  action , I promise me and my girlfriend XXXXXX will get off real good. If your lucky we just MIGHT let you get off too.


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