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Spanking Phonesex

Spanking Phonesex with Granny Beth

You need a good Spanking Phonesex session with Granny Beth, you naughty little boy.  I know you’re rotten to the core and like a bad apple, I’m not about to let you spoil the whole bunch.  Welted, bruised, & red enough to use you as a stoplight is how your ass is gonna be by the time I’m finished with you.  My specialty is sensually punishing young lads & if you are a good enough boy to do Granny proud by taking your medicine like a nice young man, perhaps Granny will also teach you the ins & outs of incest & bondage.  That means suckin on Granny’s fat old titties & clitty while she has you tied up to the bed.

One order of Spanking Phonesex with Granny Beth cumming up‼  Call now for a whole lot of wild incest & family fun!

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Rough Phonesex with Teen Tiffany

I like Rough Phonesex sessions cuz they give me the chance to be a filthy teenage whore whenever the phone rings lol.  I think a role-play where I’m sitting in the parking lot at the mall & you sneak into my car would be really hot.  You spit in my eyes a few times before ripping my clothes off, the mascara stinging so bad I’m blinded to see who you are.  Your fingers tug at my little blonde pubes, trying to open my legs & even though I’m really scared, my pussy melts in your hands & I begin to relax.  I have no idea who you are & yes I’m being raped by some grimy old man, but I can’t stop my body from tingling all over . . . the thought of being a naughty little slut who gets raped in a parking lot makes me shudder with fear & get wet at the same time.  I keep crying but I need to feel your cock inside of me so badly I beg you to fuck me or let me gag on your cock. . . .

I want to have a NASTY ass Rough Phonesex roleplay with you!  All this blogging about being raped is making me super horny—call me for a wild time!

School Girl Tiffany
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chat Rape Abuse Phone Sex   Lonely Hitchhiker

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Spanking Phonesex with Danielle

Spanking Phonesex can be fun if we really get into it!  It really makes my pussy melt when a guy just takes me over his knee & swats my ass with his hand.  Gradually it turns into him grabbing my ass, spreading my cheeks apart, & then the part I really love—fingering my cunt.  At this point, a few more good spanks is all it takes to make my cunt cream for his thick naughty fingers to slip right inside.  But please don’t stop there!  I want to be spanked on my tits, pussy, & on my filthy dirty mouth.  I will talk back to you the entire time you’re spanking me, pouring more & more gasoline on your fire of desire.   Want to get all hot & bothered with me?

Call me for a Spanking Phonesex session—the harder you hit me the hornier I get!

College Coed Danielle
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I’m a Sexy Girl next door That’s Finally Grown Up with Luscious Breasts and Very Alluring Eyes. I Just Loves To Get Lost In Erotic Sexual Fantasies Alone or With a Friend.

I’m into a lot of different things… Like Oral, Anal, Gangbangs, Toys, Domination & Submission, K~9, Incest, Spanking, Bondage and Watersports.

I Can Be Submissive yet Very Assertive. I like to Please and to be Pleased. I can be Daddy’s Little Whore, Your Personal Sexual Toy, Sexy Teacher Or Naughty Young Mommy, Your Possession To Own and Do With What You Like….Or I can Be Your Demanding Mistress, Expecting Nothing But The Very Best From you!!  The Wide Scope of My Erotic Soul and Mind will be Your Greatest Advantage and My Greatest Gift to You. jenni_389

Just Loves the Flavor of Cum This Sex Babe Will Bend and Take it in the Ass Then Suck You Dry Like A Cock Whore in Heat  – Nothing is too Kinky ~ Very Open Minded To Taboo Role Playing and Talk No Limits and No Restrictions!

 If You Wanna Masterbate & cum hard then Call Me ~ I’m Willing and Waiting …




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No Limits and Absolutely No Taboos when it comes to Sex…I love being
Very Open Minded…I’m here to explore the taboo side of you of your

Fantasy is a Great Place to start exploring all your taboo sides
you’ve always wanted to uncover…..I love Oral, Ageplay, Spanking,
Bondage, Incest, Handcuffs, Gangbangs, Family Fun, Toys, Teasing,
ForcedFem, Golden Showers Anything Goes!

I’m willing to try anything once…and so should you!!!


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