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Diva Phonesex with Shemale Dasha

I am a Diva Phonesex Shemale Goddess, a true princess through & through.  And what that means is I conduct Myself in a proper Diva-ly manner at all times.  Everything I like & own is super girly; hot pink, diamonds, designer makeup, clothes, bags, shoes, you name it.  When I apply My makeup I even sit on a custom-made mini throne in My boudoir.   Since I have all the accessories of a Diva & the body to go along with, I expect to be treated as such when I’m with a man.  When meeting meet Me for the first time, you’d never guess there’s a fat thick cock hiding underneath my skirt.  Trust me, you’ll love the fact that I’m a girly girl with a special surprise that can please your tight ass in ways a woman can’t.  And that’s how I get away with acting like a spoiled brat!

Spoil Diva Phonesex Shemale Dasha rotten today!  Call now for a no taboo session with the sexy tranny girl of your dreams!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
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Ass Play Phonesex with Abygail

Ass Play Phonesex sessions, what’s to say about them?  Well, I’ve literally done a shit load of them (pun fully intended).  On the phone & in real life, I’m not afraid of bending over & taking it in the ass for some horny stud addicted to the booty.  I’m all about having the most secretive parts of my body prodded & explored in any kind of sexually perverse way.   I’ve even been known on occasion to lick a man’s nasty dirty asshole up & down, slowly rimming & tonguing that snug little baby as if it were my last supper.  Everything anally & ass related makes my redhead pussy cream . . . mmmmm

Ass Play Phonesex with Abygail.  Pretty tight redhead spreading her cheeks for you, ready & waiting!  Call today!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
Taboo Phone Sex We do it all!
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Bad Girl PhoneSex with Ruby

Bad Girl PhoneSex with a disobedient hot-tempered redhead slut, anyone?  I’m so in the mood for being rude in that adorably erotic way that only a spoiled redhead can.  Well, honestly, being rude isn’t all I’m in the mood for . . . I kinda feel like playing the jilted ex-girlfriend who catches her man fucking some young prissy whore at his house days after they’ve broken up.  I wanna kick some ass & pull some hair, bash in all your nice new furniture with a baseball bat & straight-up piss all over your designer rug.  Maybe I’ll even put my cigarette out on your new girlfriend’s pretty little uptight ass if you don’t kick that trashy whore the fuck out & thoroughly convince me that she slipped & fell on your dick, who knows?  If you don’t, I just might decide to snuff you both the fuck out & call it a day.  That way I can really trip & land on your cock for one last time.  You’ll go out in style with a smile!

Call me today for an explosive Bad Girl PhoneSex session with the sexiest hot-tempered redhead from your worst nightmares!

Naughty Tease Ruby
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Klara- hot tease & Denial Phonesex

I get off on tease and denial, owning a man through his cock. Making him know who is in charge. Once I own your cock, I own you. It then becomes “all about me” I am young and spoiled and have always gotten my way. I will hypnotise you with my voice, mentally lock your cock away so you can’t stroke it off.
There will be no release for you unless I allow it. Funny thing though, you will love it and will never do anything to disappoint me. Once you have reached that stage, I will request that you get a chastity cage with a key for your little cockette. You will lock it on and send the key to me. I will then be your “Key holder”. You will have to really work to get that key back. Does that excite you? Does the thought of me owning you to that extent turn you on?
Well call me then. I want your balls full and your little cock hard. I want you already aching when we begin.



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