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Princess Phonesex with Abygail

This redhead Princess Phonesex gold-digger can’t wait to steal your cash—she’s a spoiled rotten brat who feeds on wallets for a living.  Daddy, Uncle, Brother, Professor, Mr. Mayor . . . I don’t care who the fuck you are as long as you got enough bank to make a fat deposit into mine.  And if you are rich & that’s the case, then sooner or later (most likely later) I’ll likely allow your cock to make a sperm deposit into my pussy bank.  It’s all about give & take with me; you give & I take.  If you ever want to feel this sweet tight cunt snuggly wrapped around your shaft, then I’m telling you now that you better be able to pay for it—glorious pussy as precious as this wasn’t MADE to cum cheap!  So do you think you can handle me, Daddy Warbucks?  Got enough imagination in you to tickle my bank bone & entice my shopping gene?  Ready when you are!

Are you ready for a redhead Princess Phonesex slut to bleed you dry?  Call our phonesex line now & book a sky’s the limit session with Abygail!

Spoiled Princess Abygail
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