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CBT Phonesex Sessions with Adriana – In a destructive mood the last few days!

   “Larry the slut” Then called- I had him use a wooden hairbrush to beat his cock and balls untill they were black & blue. He said it took him back to memories of getting spanked by mommy!  Then of course, I made him tell me where it hurt the most – Dumb ass – they always tell me in a stupid subbie effort to please me, knowing that where ever they tell me, i will make an extra effort to get that spot even more!

    For my next CBT session, it was all about anal insertions. And it was a very intense one. I had him gather objects from around his house varying in shapes, girth & length. He managed to aquire the following things for our CBT Phone sex session: a tooth brush, a wooden spoon, a candle, a full wine bottle, a toilet bowl brush and some rubberbands. My favorite was listening to him use the phone to fuck his ass for me on the phone. Good Cbt  Slut!

Last fetish phone sex call today was a Gyno Fetish with a twist! This call involved a pair of sturrips, some KY Lube Jelly and a HUGE anal probe fetish!

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Anal probe Fetish 
Strap on Fetish /Forced Bi
Gyno Fetish / Doctor
Leather Fetish / Latex Fetish
Enema Fetish
CBT Fetish / CBT Pain
Medical Fetish
Boot Fetish / Crush Fetish
Smoking Fetish
Cage Fetish
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