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Two Girl Phonesex Fun with Danielle

Two Girl Phonesex Fun is literally guaranteed to double your pleasure!  So why not take advantage of me & someone else here by indulging in a phone sex orgy treat?  If it cums out during our call that we’ve eaten more pussy than you, not to worry, here’s your chance to add us two!  Lol I’ve learned so much about how to please my own pussy through pleasing other pussies that I think every girl out there should at least ONCE dive right in & munch a muffin.  And I dare any woman who thinks eating pussy is disgusting to deny ever tongue-swapping with her boyfriend after he’s licked her fish guts clean.  Nibbling on a nipple or gently sucking on a clit is all so arousing to me that just feeling that woman’s body shudder after I’ve just given her pleasure is almost enough to make me cum.  And when a cock is thrown into the mix—forget it—instant heaven!

Two Girl Phonesex Fun with Danielle, I’m down for it if you are!  Call me now & I’ll hook you up with the sickest threesome fantasy ever!

College Coed Danielle
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