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Shemale phonesex with Bianca

Shemale Phonesex

I went to a party last night and It was wild. There were a few girls but mostly men.  Well, there was this one guy who was hitting on me all night. He was kind of cute, so why not.

Well we decided to go for a swim to cool us off. I do look stunning in a Bikini. He thought he was some macho stud and pinned me against the wall. Boy was he surprised when he reached down and grabbed a hand full of dick. He may have been shocked, but he his cock wasn’t. He pressed me against the wall, slid my bottoms over and pumped my ass full of dick. Ball on Ball action is just what this honey needed and got!

I left with an limp dick and a ass full of cock! Shemale phonesex is hot!

Shemale Bianca
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01Just thought I would share one of my male playmates Fantasy Phonesex date’s with you. Here it goes….

Another night of hard work and bullshit to drive me over the fucking edge. I don’t know how much longer I can go without sleeping, but every time I close my eyes all I can see is Her. She can’t be real. She is Too perfect to even describe.

I had just fell asleep 3 nights ago after pulling a 18 hour shift and I swear I must have been out of it. God she was beautiful.   Long Hair, big blue eyes, Long legs, and an ass that could make a grown man weep. She came to me in my dreams and just before I shoved my cock inside of her she disappeared. I swear I haven’t slept a second since.

God another night of no sleep. I was dreading even going to bed. A hot shower helped relax me a little and just when me eyes started to closes there was a knock on my front door. What the fuck. It is after 3 am. Slipping on my boxers made my way to the door.
Pulling it open I almost passed out to see the girl in my dreams standing there in the flesh. She looked like an angel. I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. It was!

She said her name was Bridget and that she her car had broken down in front of my house. All of this was a blur to me, but I think she wanted to use my phone. I showed her where it was, but no answer. I cant let her go. Not now that I have finally found my Princess.

I offered to fix the car in the morning if she wanted to stay the night here. Little did I know she had already devised a plan to OWN my SOUL. Those eyes looking at me were hypnotic. I just couldn’t look away. She walked down the hall to my bedroom shaking that tight ass the whole way. How did she know which one was mine? I drifted behind her in a hypnotic trance and found her laying naked on my bed. She motioned me to sit at the edge while she rubbed her rock hard nipples. Every time
I tried to speak she put those long red nails up to her lips and shushed me quiet. I was to scared not to. What if she stopped. I had to comply. I was submitting even without knowing it.

bridget (88)Her pussy was like a perfect flower. Pink, covered with dew, and it smelled like heaven. Her fingers worked in and out of the sweet little honey hole. I begged her to let me stroke my raging cock. All she would do is shake her head no. The wet spot in my boxers was growing bigger and bigger as my cock swelled.
Motioning me between her legs she pushed my mouth down to that opening and while she rubbed and moaned I licked the sweetest cream out of her pussy. The touch on my lips cause a lava eruption deep inside of her cunt and the juices were flowing all over my face. I swear she was crying from cumming so hard. I couldn’t take it any longer. I could over power her so easy. Reaching down I grabbed her wrists and forced them over her head binding them with the stockings she had removed.

Time to turn the tables and make her beg. I tickled and teased every inch of that perfect body. From the tip of her toes all the way up to that cute little button nose I kissed and nibbled, licked and bit each and every inch of her. God she was even more perfect then in my dream. I ribbed the tip of my cock up and down her wet cunt till she was screaming for me to plunge it in deep. She looked so fucking beautiful laying there I just had to comply. One swift stroke and I was in heaven.   As hard as I tried that pussy was so tight and wet that I could not slow down. I fucked my cock into her like a dog in heat. Nothing in my entire life felt better then this. Just when I couldn’t take it no longer she arched her back, looked me in the eyes and whispered “I fucking OWN you”..
My sticky load shot so hard inside of her I thought she would drown from the amount. Without even saying a word I untied her and kissed her so deeply I had to catch my breath. I cant€™t believe what happened next. She slowly dressed and just a quickly as she came she was gone. Laying there alone in the dark I thought it must have been a dream until I rolled over and found a business card on my pillow.

All it said was ****Princess Bridget****, I make all your dreams come true!

Pretty Hot! Join me in a hot  Fantasy Phonesex call!

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cum eating phone sex

Joanne cum eating phone sex

cum eating phone sex. You won’t know how filthy I am until you call me on the cum eating phone sex line. That is exactly what I adore doing. While you’re wanking away I sometimes have a used condom that my guy has left me from the morning. The hornier the conversation the filthier I become, I bite a little hole in the bottom, and just as I’m about to cum, I eat the contents of the condom. Filthy or what!

HAHA, so what would be your idea of a hot cum eating phone sex call? Is that nasty enough to do you have a better idea for us?

Call Joanne for your Mature Phonesex roleplays!

All calls are $2.25 min or less, see rates page!


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What turns me on:

  • I love the feel of soft lips on the small of my back, wet cold lips!
  • Hearing what you want to do to me and you going into detail
  • KNOWING i am turning you on.
  • I love my toes sucked and rubbed, nothing gets me wetter!
  • Lot’s of Oral sex, pussy eating and blow jobs are so fucking hot!
  • Hearing how you wanna rape me when you break into my bedroom late at night and what you will do to me!
  • A woman in thigh highs and a corset, Mmmm – so hot!
  • Hot steamy showers, washing each other off, all the naughty places.
  • I am very Voyeuristic, and a bit of an exhibitionist, seeing & doing with others watching is hot!

I guess you can say that new things turn me on. I love to hear the guys on the phone tell me about unusual fetish’s and fantasies…Its weird because I even get turned on to some of the wierdest things. I never imagined that there was so many different fetish’s out there!


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In the mood for something Ruby Red?

I am the NASTIEST barely legal ageplay slut when it cums to fucking.  I like spankings, bondage roleplays, incest, pedo fantasies, rape abuse, and above & beyond all, bloody messy PERIOD PLAY!

I love watching a guy’s cock turn bright red as he’s pounding me in & out, seeing that look on his face like he’s stabbing me do death or something.  I’m super horny when I’m menstruating and all I want is hard, rough, passionate fucking.

Imagine your throbbing dick slipping inside of my sopping wet sticky red pussy . . . hearing that sloshing sound of carnal fucking as my dark thick red blood drenches your stomach, balls, thighs.  Can you smell my musty tart scent? Call me today for a no taboo phonesex session with a redheaded teenage freak—I am definitely NOT your average girl next door!


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I adore playing dress-up with submissive sissy panty boys; dressing them up in sexy lingerie and provocative clothing and then pulling out my big boner for them to suck. 69 is one of my favorite positions! Think about how good it would feel to have me slide my big hard, slick cock into your tight little pussy.

 I LOVE TO KISS while making mad passionate love. It brings out the girl inside me! I’m one kinky switch, and I’m here to make all your slutty tranny dreams cum true. I know many secrets of seduction and I will use my experiences with you in our one on one phone session.

Call me and let’s take a ride on the wild side of life together 1-888-221-9006 Just ask for  Sexy TransgenderStar.

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Mature Phonesex with Sheryl

I am a young 40something Mom with years of experience. This means extreme satisfaction for you! 

I get very aroused when you open your mind, telling me what you would like to explore. Talking about very taboo subjects makes my panties extremely wet.

I especially enjoy it when we cum together! Nothing is off limits to me and the nastier the better! I can make your phone sex experience as close to being real as you want.

Call me now and find out just how hot an older beautiful brunette slut can be. Role-playing can be great fun when it’s a taboo subject.

Domination or submission and everything else in between. The choice is yours.

1-888-221-9006 or instant message me on yahoo as “taboosheryl”

I will be waiting!

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