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naughty phonesex teen

naughty phonesex teen

Naughty phonesex teen is what i am. It’s no secret that I love being  naughty  but there’s another side to me. I’m a super sweet girl that loves the sensual side to phone sex and more sensual roleplays and sex talk. I like being the girl that knows you on a more intimate level. Tell me about your hard day at work, or about something funny that happened to you today- share your secrets with me, let me be your  naughty phonesex teen companion. 🙂

Do you like my roleplay? Maybe you have something even KINKIER you want to talk about maybe some Teen GFE Phone Sex on our  call . . . I have no taboos and specialize in ageplay. Call me & let’s have some naughty incest fun!

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submissive teen phonesex slut

I am such a submissive teen phonesex slut, and I love being told what to do and how to do it. My first time with a guy who was dominant was a real eye opener, he forced me to strip in front of him and I remember trembling as I did so, he fingered my ass and pussy to see if I was as tight as I looked. Then he got me to suck his cock with my hands tied behind my back, before blindfolding me and bending me over the arm of a chair and fucking my virgin ass. The pain was incredible, but the pleasure derived from that pain was so intense, something I’d never felt before. Now I am a submissive teen phonesex slut and ready for some more domination.

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Baby sitter Phone Sex


Baby sitter Phone Sex

Have you ever wanted to have fun with a babysitter? I love having Baby sitter Phone Sex, wanting you to be the husband getting home early and seeing me laid on the sofa half asleep. Young and hot, needing a mature hard cock inside me, imagine you wanking your hard cock over me while I sleep, then waking up and giving me a hard fast fuck before you wife gets home. I get off on the thought of taking your spunk leaving your wife missing out, and on Baby sitter Phone Sex you can be that guy.
Brooke – Daddy’s Girl Phonesex
Your naughty Little baby sitter Phonesex slut

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Do you need Hot Nasty Kinky Teen Phone Sex or Just plain old Sexy Erotic Hot Talk? Well either way I’m your girl. I love everything from simplay mustual masturbation to Extreme ageplay.

 No Fantasies to wild for me.. No Limits.. I aim to please.. Pull that Cock Out and Pick up the Phone! Call Now!


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I’ve been sexually active since I was very very young… my first fuck was my pedo Uncle Danny. He could never keep his hands off of me, he was always copping a feel and trying to peek in at me while I was changing or in the shower. Finally one day I begun to notice he had stopped paying so much attention – he had found a new young girlfriend, and I started missing the attention.

I decided one day to get my Uncle Danny’s attention back and layed out naked on his bed with a ribbow placed over my bald 13 year old cunt… It was my 13th birthday so i thought it was a cute idea! Lets just say he walked in & he was all mine again, he dove right in and I had my pussy ate soooo good for the first time…

I still see Uncle Danny!

Let’s Play Soon, maybe you can play like you were uncle danny!

xoxox Tiffany

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I can be such a good little innocent young girl. I clean the house do my chores and keep my daddy happy. He says I am his favorite of all the kids. I do things the boys can not; wash dishes, do the laundry, and cook dinner. It is a good thing when daddy sends me to my room. I know he will be here shortly.

He has had a rough day today at work and he needs me to massage him. I use both my hands stroking him up and down getting his cock very hard. I suck on the top of his head to get the precum out of the way. When he is ready he tells me to do all the work and to do it right. For all the details of what daddy and I do give me a call. I have so many good stories to tell.


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dawnblueyellowWhat does it take to get your manhood stiff and dripping? What If I just bent over in a tiny little skirt and no panties so you could see me tight teen pussy, would that do it for you? What if I pretended to be an innocent little girl next door? Or maybe your innocent little daughter who just loves to please daddy.

I want to get you so fucking horny for me you don’t know who you are anymore – your mind starts thinking of things you would never do. I will make you a naughty dirty phone sex pervert your hand around your cock jerking it furiously for me. That’s right, I want you to stroke your cock just for me. I want to be the one who recieves that delicious reward that “cums” from getting you overly excited.

How we get that to happen is entirely up to you and I…

I want to get as nasty as possible with you, I want to know what a naughty jerk off pervert you really are. What terribly nasty and taboo topics get you all aroused and so uncomfortable in your jeans you just have to unzip them and release that buldging cock?

Well I know I’m getting worked up just thinking about it. Will you join me for a phone sex tease and enjoy a wild erotic ride today? I’ll be waiting for you…

DAWN – 1-888-221-9006

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