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Amelia, The Good Lil Phone Sex Sub

Young phone sex with Amelia

My young phone sex voice is going to make your cock twitch as soon as you call me for barely legal phone sex. Then, as I talk to you and giggle about all the naughty things you want to do to me during our barely legal phone sex role play, you’ll be grabbing your dick and fisting it so furiously.

Oh how I wish I could be there to put my young tight pink pussy on your lap and ride you. You’d feel how wet I am and you’d see how warm and inviting it is. Mmmmm, I wish you were here to fill my girl pussy with your big man cock.

You’d keep pushing it and pushing it until finally my tight little twat would give way and let you in, just as I screamed into your mouth as you kiss me. Mmmmmm….young phone sex with Amelia

Amelia – Teen phone sex hottie


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Pedophilia Phonesex with Teen Tiffany

Pedophilia Phonesex calls are my favorite.  Lol what can I say except I’m a sick & twisted teen who still looks & feels like a little girl.  I guess I like them cuz I still look so young & still surprise people when I tell them my age.  I really don’t feel normal when I’m treated like an “older” teenager!  I’ve always been attracted to older men & understand the fantasies they have about younger girls since I was pretty horny myself as a young girl.  Right now I figure since I’m stuck in the body of a 14 year old I might as well enjoy it!  I love my body & love sharing it with older men & wouldn’t have it any other way!  I think daddy daughter & pedophilia role-plays are so fucking nasty hot!

A Pedophilia Phonesex session with me will make your dreams cum true!  I know I have what it takes to satisfy your appetite—call me now!   

School Girl Tiffany
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Dress up Phonesex with Teen Tiffany

Dress up Phonesex role-plays make my imagination run wild!  I love the thought of getting myself all dolled up for some nasty dude dying to fuck all of my tight little slut holes.  I can easily see myself wearing a kinky sex-outfit so short & tight that my pussy meat hangs out when I bend over & my hard nipples ache from the fabric rubbing against them.  I want to be wearing something so slutty that I look like a stuffed sausage LOL—barely able to move or breathe.  I want some kinky fucker to torture me by teasing my pussy lips with a vibrator & lightly whipping my nipples with a ruler.  He then throws me on my back & rams his THICK cock inside my pussy, fucking me so hard that the seams of my dress split open more & more with each thrust of his cock.   I’m hot, sweaty, can’t breathe, & my pussy smells like it belongs to a dirty whore, but he’s not done with me yet.  He can’t take anymore and cuts me out of my tight dress with a pair of HUGE scissors, shooting loads of warm cum straight into my pussy & onto my tummy.  FUCKING HOT‼

Do you want to Dress up Phonesex whore Tiffany like your personal teen fuck toy?  I’m hot n horny & waiting to play with you!  Call today & sex me up!

School Girl Tiffany
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Exhibitionist Phonesex with Redhead Abygail

Exhibitionist Phonesex calls always make me want to go out & get into some awful trouble!  I think the perfect time for that would probably be when I go for my morning jog in the summers.  I love the way the
fresh morning air makes my nipples hard, erect against the flimsy tank tops I always wear.  When I feel the thud of my breasts bouncing against my chest, I instantly become aware of the older men around me fetching their newspapers.  I know they’re watching me with their morning wood, wondering how fucking good a quick thrust into my slick young pussy would feel.  I swear one of these days I’m going to stop & give one of those men a good fucking show . . . take him straight to the bushes & peel my pussy lips apart.  I could make myself come so quick knowing how badly he craves to be inside of me!

Exhibitionist Phonesex always makes me cum so hard.  What about you?  Do you care to share in a nasty fantasy like this with me?

Spoiled Princess Abygail
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So I did a pedo phone sex call ( I know, shock­ing right?!! LOL) but any­way, I wanted to tell you all about it cause it was just so damn naughty and kinky..

Pedo Phone SexI was dad­dy’s girl that daddy had been hav­ing sex with for a while, daddy always said incest was best.. But I was get­ting too old for daddy to fuck, he liked fuck­ing young lit­tle girls and I was a teen now and not as appeal­ing to him :(   So daddy and I decided that we’d seek out lit­tle girls to play with, using me as the accom­plice because I was young and cute and lit­tle girls would trust me over him.

We’d go to the bad parts of town where women were all cracked out and would do any­thing for money to get more stuff to get high.. We got some cute lit­tle girls to bring home with us and most were eager to please as long as we fed them real good first and bathed them. I know it is sad but its what daddy wanted and I always do what daddy tells me.

I’d help daddy with the lit­tle girls and even par­tic­i­pate by lick­ing their young

pussies get­ting them nice and ready for daddy’s pedo cock. Daddy would have me hold their heads still while he forced his pedo cock into their mouths and after a lit­tle bit of hear­ing them whim­per daddy was ready to fuck. Daddy got super horny when the lit­tle girls whim­pered or even cried hard, it made him want to fuck them even more.. I’d watch as daddy would stuff his big pedo cock into their tiny lit­tle girl holes, stretch­ing them beyond belief !
WOW, it is so so naughty and taboo , huh? I think that is enough of the role­play for you guys :) I hope you call to act out your pedo phone sex fan­tasy with me.


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teen phonesex with hottie Carrie, pedo phonesex

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