The First G-Spot was Found on a Corpse

Scientists in the 1600s had nothing better to do than sit around and speculate about sex. After all, it wasn’t that long after people injected mercury into their urethra for gonorrhea, drank ground-up beaver testicles to not get pregnant, and whacked their spouses because they wouldn’t conceive a son (we’re not naming any names, but…)

So it was only natural that scientists would want to instill some order into the wacky universe of sexual education. Sure, they could go pick up loose woman after loose woman, investigating the sexual parts of each in painstaking detail until the morning light. Or, actually, maybe they couldn’t… did people even have sex way back then? Either way, our point is obvious: Corpses. Scientists would examine corpses to learn about the human sexual anatomy.

A dutch physician was feeling up corpses, for science or course, when he discovered a batch of nerves that deflated upon death. Working in a laboratory 300 years later gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, discovered that the spot could be used to help women achieve seriously monstrous orgasms. Thus the Gräfenberg spot, or “G-Spot” for short, was found.

Taken from: The Smoking Jacket

  This one was to funny to pass up! So I had to share, but i wander to myself HOW is a corpse going to tell the dr that it “feels so good” lol

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