Watersports and Anal!


I was so drunk last weekend, all I remember was laying in the tub with about 3 inchs of water, I remember My “fuck friend” comming in and trying to use the bathroom, he was a little tipsy himself and I was laughing at him. He said he couldent hold it and I opened my mouth and said “AHhhhhh” he laughed and I dared him to shoot his piss right down my cheast and belly. He said he was always fasinated by watersports and turned toward me.

 I layed my head back and felt him draining himself on me. He was hard as a rock when he was done so he said he wanted to fuck his new “water lilly” and I stood up and put my hands against the wall. I should have known he was gonna go for my ass, I mean I DID give him a perfect shot! hehe. The next day we woke up laughing about our watersport & anal bathroom play night! We dont know what happened after that!



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