What turns me on:

  • I love the feel of soft lips on the small of my back, wet cold lips!
  • Hearing what you want to do to me and you going into detail
  • KNOWING i am turning you on.
  • I love my toes sucked and rubbed, nothing gets me wetter!
  • Lot’s of Oral sex, pussy eating and blow jobs are so fucking hot!
  • Hearing how you wanna rape me when you break into my bedroom late at night and what you will do to me!
  • A woman in thigh highs and a corset, Mmmm – so hot!
  • Hot steamy showers, washing each other off, all the naughty places.
  • I am very Voyeuristic, and a bit of an exhibitionist, seeing & doing with others watching is hot!

I guess you can say that new things turn me on. I love to hear the guys on the phone tell me about unusual fetish’s and fantasies…Its weird because I even get turned on to some of the wierdest things. I never imagined that there was so many different fetish’s out there!


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