doletta14Look at my perfect figure!  Wouldn’t you love to have this Nubien Princess stand over your pathetic weak, little body? I will collar you and make you submit to me.  I will turn you into my little pet that I can boss around and make you do little chores for me.  I will give you slave assignments  and black mail you if you don’t listen to me.  If you need more discipline and constant nurturing look no further. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Cum on baby and show me how much you’d love to suck the milk out of these huge mammary glands.  I’m lactating right now, so give me a call and let Miss Doletta breast feed you her chocolate milk.



One Response to “Dominant Woman Lactating Chocolate Milk?”
  1. mike says:

    oh wow. would love to suck on those tits

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