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I’m Karissa and I love fucking. The problem with me fucking all the time is that I always pick the wrong guys. I love nerds, dorks, and total freaks. All of my friends tease me, but the secret they don’t know is nerds have really big dicks and I am a size queen! I have been addicted to the outcast kind of guys ever since I can remember. I even joined the chess club in High School so I could fuck all of the dorks.

I am the typical popular girl. All the jocks want me, but I really get turned on by pocket protectors and a super smart mind. My ideal of the perfect date would be bent over in study hall with your huge cock shoved deep inside my pussy. I always make sure and dress super slutty when I come to class. Micro mini skirts, fishnet stockings, and high heels. The little dumb routine I put on is just an act. I know how to get everything I want.I love nice big slobbering juicy cocks.

I am the teen who will drive you wild with her nasty oral skills. I will talk you through such a skilled blow job that you will not only keep opening your eyes to make sure I am not really there, but you will squirt cum so hard that it may be hazardous to your health. I am so good I should cum with a warning label.I am the phone sex slut who will make you cum back again and again. My skills are known world wide and I am a top of the line phone whore.

I just love hearing you jack your sweet meat while I dip my fingers and toys deep inside my naughty box. So do yourself a huge favor, call and find out why we are really called Cum Dripping Phone Sex!

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  1. mike says:


    love you darling

  2. mike says:

    I bet your snatch is so tasty. i would love to taste it.

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