Impregnation Fantasy

Impregnation Fantasy

Oh, I just wanna find the right guy for an Impregnation Fantasy  …..Just dying to be a Daddy? I just checked my ovulation cycle and today is the day that your seed will make me a sweet little Mommy. Swell my tiny tummy up with your sweet little baby. These titties are going to be huge when the milk starts flowing. Suckle them for me.

I just love an Impregnation Fantasy and well I really want you to be the one to do it for real. Knock me up today with Impregnation Fantasy Phonesex. Ask for my personal baby maker special. 15 mins for $30 bucks. Youll get the most bang for your buck here, I promise.


1595798xdo1farwyp Forced into homosexuality Phonesex!




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Dirty Rape phonesex

Dirty Rape phonesex 

Thinking about Dirty Rape phonesex  with a super little hottie like me? Not quite a little girl but not an old woman either. The thought of an older man tying me up and having his way with me in every way has always made me really hot. My fantasy is walking home alone from a bar, a little bit drunk but chatting to my boyfriend on my cellphone laughing and giggling. The conversation gets hotter, and we begin to have phonesex. He tells me about all the nasty things he wants to do to me and I begin feeling super horny!

I stand in an empty and dark alley way and go into detail how I want to suck his big hot cock. I have no clue that I am not alone and I did not know that two guys have been listening to me from afar and been following me and I’ve got them horny too. (Dirty Rape phonesex)

They appear out of no where, grab me and i fight as they tear off my dress and force me to my knees telling me I better do everything that I had just described on the phone with my boyfriend. They put my Boy friend on speaker so he can hear everything that is going on. They both fuck the shit out of my mouth and then make me get on my hands and knees and contine to rape me, ass mouth and pussy while all my boyfriend can do is listen to them egging each other on!! 

I have no clue as to why this fantasy turns me on, maybe its the force or the helpless little yells on my boyfriend on the phone, All i know is that dirty rape phonesex is all I can seem to think of lately and I would love for you to help me do a phone sex session like this so I can get off!

Call me, now at: 1-888-221-9006
icon smile Coed phone sex with Aiden Talk to you soon! Dirty Rape phonesex

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no taboo phone sexNo taboo phone sex

There are many no taboo phone sex fantasies that we can do together and some that make me (just at the thought of them) cream in my panties. I want to be the nasty and vial lil slut in all of your role-play needs, I have NO TABOOS so tell me all of your nasty stories.

I love it all from naughty babysitter to the seductive teen next door you have been lusting over for years and years, you watched me grow up and develop into quite a girl. You have probably jerked that cock off to me more times then you have with your boring ole wife!

It is time for you to show me exactly what you have for me, all those years wishing and yearning to fuck me and cum all over me, well i am 18 now and a flirtatious lil fuck! Come show me what you have been wanting to do!

* Roleplay * Gang bangs * Family Fun * Humiliation/Feminization * Tease & Denial * Cuckold * no taboo phone sex

I can’t wait to hear about all your dirty little secrets and no taboo phone sex needs!


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I’m ready for 4th of July – how about you ?

I like most Holiday but 4th of July – with it’s fireworks just does something to Me.
As I watch a great fireworks show it reminds Me of some great orgasms I’ve had.

When you close your eyes can you see the patterns.
A wonderful pussy licking by a more than competent partner.

Prove yourself to Me Baby…cummm show Me what you can do.

ALL DAY Friday. mention this add – rate is $1.90 per minute for calls over 15 minutes!

There is a reward involved – whether it’s denial, sissy training or simple pleasure.
Cummm talk to Me Baby – let’s make the sparks fly !
Your Mature Phonesex Hottie Shay

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Auntie Phonesex

Auntie Phonesex

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck your Auntie? I am sure you have looked at her and imagined her stripped off and opening her legs, wanting your young hard cock deep inside her mature hairy pussy. On Auntie Phonesex you can, let me seduce you as my young nephew so you can see what it feels like to fuck me. My mature pussy that you have wanted for so long can be yours. Let me make your Auntie Phonesex fantasy be a reality! I want that young hot cream spurting deep inside of me.

Auntie HOPE – Your addicting Phonesex MILF

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Kinky Phonesex

Kinky Phonesex with Nurse Ellen

I am one kinds of nurse. I do not give ordinary check ups. I get down to the bone during my check ups. I can be aggressive and very dominate. I can also be very sensitive and emotional if you want. I understand there are some problems at home and you need to relieve some stress so why not pick up the phone and call for some KinkyPhonesex.

 I can help you with all of your health problems. I bet I can even stop you from having a heart attack giggles… Pick up the phone and call Nurse Ellen for some Hot KinkyPhonesex.

I’ll be waiting for my patients.

Ellen – Naughty Nurse Phone sex MILF
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Cute Teen Phonesex girl


Cute Teen Phonesex girl

I’m a very petite Cute Teen Phonesex girl, I love teasing and tantalizing guys on the phone. I am genuine and love all you sexy guys can give me. I am petite with perfect tits and hard nipples that really become erect when I’m turned on.

I love the thought of a white guy much taller and stronger than me, overpowering me and pushing his big tool deep into my tight little holes, hearing me squealing at first to stop, and then moaning for him to give me more, filling me with his hot creamy load. Cute Teen Phonesex girl Camiile,

I am really experienced and have no taboos so cum and chat to me about any of your horny fantasies, I would love to hear!

You can also visit all my hot phone sex friends below!
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Big Tit Ebony Phonesex

Big Tit Ebony Phonesex

Let me indulge you into describing my massive assets on Big Tit Ebony Phonesex Girls chat line. I really love showing them off and having them sucked, licked and fucked by a hot horny guy. I love giving tit wanks feeling a hot throbbing cock in between these babies, squeezing each breast around the length of an erection so it smothers it, and all I can see when I look down is a swollen red helmet of lust.

When I lick that creamy head it makes my pussy so wet, I have to bend over and offer my hole, feeling my mammoth tits swinging like pendulums while you fuck my ass or pussy harder than you’ve ever fucked before, hearing my tits slapping together as you bring me off. There are some gorgeous ladies on Big Tit Ebony Phonesex Girls who love chatting to guys who appreciate what they have to offer.

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ABDL phonesex

ABDL Phonesex with Mommy Jackie

I want to be your Mommy on out next ABDL phonesex call. Let me change that wet diaper of yours, and dress you in something and frilly and cute as you sit on my knee and I give you a lovely warm drink from my milky tits. I know that cock of yours will be so hard in the lovely confines of your diaper. Come and talk to Mommy on an ABDL phonesex call and tell me what a good boy you are, or maybe what a bad little boy you can be!

Mommy Phone sex & ABDL phonesex calls
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Mature Phonesex Granny Louise

Mature Phonesex Granny Louise

Mature Phonesex Granny Louise. I am a horny old granny who still finds time to masturbate and get off over the  mature phonesex lines. Do you like a strong dominate granny or are you an oral type of man who enjoys the juices of a ripe old woman? My breasts are large and I know you would love to play with them. I may be granny age but my body is hotter then most young ones now a days with all the curves I have to offer!

I would love to sit back and feel your tongue between my thighs and legs as you lap at my sweet tasting pussy. After you get me all nice in wet I will return the favor by taking your cock  and balls deep into my mouth and giving you the best sloppy wet blowjob that you have ever had and trust me with age comes experience!

Roleplays are one of my favorite things to do, from teacher and student, to nasty older woman next door  or how about one of my favorites, I am your naughty grand mom who teaches her grandson all about the birds and the bees, I have a very naughty mind and am willing to hear all your fantasies and Mature Phonesex Granny needs!

I have a great collection of toys that I like to use on my mature phonesex calls and I cater to all older fetishes and mommy / grnanny fantasies. I am a good teacher and I have a large sissy boy following as well. I give a mean spanking but I can also be a total nurturing sweet heart. Are you looking for Mature Phonesex Granny or a older woman phonesex fantasy? If so, call me I am one of the best.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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Accomplice Phonesex

Accomplice Phonesex with Monika

Accomplice Phonesex gives you the chance to have that prick teasing little bitch at last. You and I can hold her down while you give her a good hard fucking, in whichever hole you decide. She can be any age you please- the younger and more innocent the better – your choice – but raping that unwilling pussy is hot as hell I need fucking nasty pedo and naughty play rape play and Accomplice Phonesex is the place to do it.

Cum Play with Accomplice Monika

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Sexual confessional

Sexual Confessional

Do you have a Sexual Confessional? Something you need to confess?  These calls are also popular, where guys have fantasies or experiences they simply can’t share with anyone in their lives, if there’s even anyone to share anything with. Many that have had same sex experiences have no one to share that with, and often times they find and confide in phone sex girls their same sex desires. I am happy to be your friendly ear to listen to anything you want to chat about.  Call me now and let’s have some phone sex fun.

HOPE – Sexual confessional

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Asian Princess

Asian Princess for Phonesex

Are you looking for a kinky Asian Princess for Phonesex?  Look no further. I am the girl of your dreams. I have beautiful long thick black hair, soft smooth skin and beautiful real 34C breasts. My pussy is silky soft and shaved for easy licking access.

I do love to role play any fantasy you can think of. If you don’t have a favorite fantasy we can create one together. I love playing with sissy sluts, cuckolds, cum guzzlers, and panty boys. I do like to get a little dirty with you too. Maybe you like golden and/or brown showers, K-9, and farm animal play. Asian Princess for Phonesex

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GFE Phonesex experience

GFE Phonesex experience

Are you looking for a GFE Phonesex experience? I adore callers who just want to talk and get to know one another. Some seeking an online girlfriend, love to have longer calls, getting all lovely dovey and tell me how much they love me and like to hear I love them back. I really do love getting to know my callers. Some guys enjoy different kinds of girlfriend experiences like dominant Mistress who will tell them what to do and control them.  Some guys want to be the Master and have a good obedient slave girl.  The girlfriend experience also known as (“GFE”) can be wonderfully intimate and a truly satisfying call.

GFE Phonesex experience


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d (1)

Bust My Cherry Phone Sex1288750s3vjh4bq4g

Bust My Cherry Phone Sex, I want my teen virgin cherry popped so much..
I cant stand the fake feeling of my lil dildo anymore.
I don’t want fingers, I want that fat dick, you have.
I wish one of the guys at my school would just force their dick into me.
Just bust my tight little fresh virgin ass open.
I don’t have to tell you I’m a virgin, because it doesn’t real1288750s3vjh4bq4gly matter to you anyways. You already know my young cunt hasn’t been deflowered yet. We all know there is nothing like a tight, wet, fresh, untampered-with pussy. You want to be my first? Go ahead and take this young twat; it’s yours! Show me what those lit1288750s3vjh4bq4gtle boys aren’t capable of doing. Lick my fresh cunny and lil ass until both are good and wet. Make me feel so good that you’ll bring out the slut in me. Crack my think thighs wide open and push that cock against my cherry until it goes pop. Make me bleed and cum all over your dick. It hurts, but it hurts so fucking good. Cum Bust My Cherry Phone Sex; it’s ripe and ready for your cock! You know you want too!



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BBW phone sex slut

BBW phone sex slut VALLEY

Vally here, I am a BBW phonesex slut and of course I am in the mood today to just be a nasty and really slutty BBW phone sex slut. I am very horny and laying here on my bed with my fingers in my plump wet pussy wishing I had a few good men to take and ravage my big beautiful body and treat me like the fat slut they know I am. Throw me down and have one in each hole fucking me and sucking me. Make me feel like a tramp.

I want to feel every inch and vein of your nice hard cock deep inside my fat pussy lips and big round ass. Force your hard cock down my throat and call me names. Call me your nasty fat cum slut or your filthy BBW phone sex slut whore. You can call me your little piggy or fat freak, the more derogatory the better! Love to hear black men call me names and make me there white fat whore! Make me feel cheap and disgustingly used. That kind of thing really gets me off!

BBW Phonesex with Valley
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Domination phonesex Domination phonesex

Do you need to have that little penis controlled or the need to please a woman like me? Before you know it, you will be lost in my world reaching the heights of ecstasy that are way beyond your imagination. Our Domination phonesex calls will leave you wanting more and more and you will be lost with me! Needing me!

You will willingly surrender All control to Me as I lead you on your path to total submission. Whether you crave to crawl to My feet to worship Me, to have your ass spread open and fucked by Me, to suffer pain for Me, or to be humiliated by Me, I will find your weaknesses.

Ohhhh! Shame you can’t see what’s under my panties now! HaHa! Leftovers from my lovers cocks but I will make you taste my pleasures! You can’t resist me? You know you want me on Domination phonesex! You know you want to call me now! You know who wears the pants now!

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New Year phone sex!

New Year phone sex – 2017 is gonna be hotttt! Are you ready for a hot new years?  I’m ready to party hard with a guy like you! Call this nasty phonesex slut tonight and bring in the new year by giving it to me hard!  After all you know that there’s nothing you want more then to party with a kinky slut like me. So what are you waiting for, a new year? lol New Year phone sex!


Enjoy hot Specials all day Jan 1st 2016 –

All calls  15 minute calls will be $20.17! Must ask to get this special!

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Click to view full size image

I am AVERY – a HOT & Horny Cuckoling Housewife

I’m looking for some kinky, hot men to play with. I am not for the faint of heart, nor the weak. I’m a deviant married woman, who deserves and commands pleasure from all different types of men. Experience all the taboos and take you mind to a different kind of phone sex. The truth is I am a Hot MILF that loves to fuck a massive cock and I will do ANY thing for it. My husband is a good little cuckold who obeys, will you?

Sorry for those who have less then 8inches, the only thing you will do for me is be my fluffer. You will never touch my tight pussy with your fingers, you will never drive your cock inside any of my tight holes. The only reason why you are here is for my pleasure and something humorous for me to look at. You will never feel the the body trembling orgasm without me guiding your every move and allowing you to do so. Remember all of you cuckold phone sex junkies, I will be the only one with the key to unlocking your true taboo desires.


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You think yours is bigger then mine? Pull it out and let’s compare.  Get over here you BIG BOY and lets rub them together. Don’t worry, I am ALL WOMAN — with a wonderful added bonus. Your buddies will not find out. It will be our little secret. We can go out on a hot date and then come home for hours of hot, nasty and mind-blowing sex. And the Sex with me is Un-Fucking-Believable! I  can give you what you have always wanted — a big fat dick up that tight fucking hole of yours.

😉  TS Star

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 pedo phone sex

I still may be young and look very innocent but I love fingering and touching my sweet young body and bare little cunt on pedo phone sex calls. The silkiness of my soft legs, all the way up to the sweetness of my luscious teen pussy. Sometimes at night when I am home alone I love putting on soft music, with the lights dimmed and maybe a few scented candles, then talking to you on the phone while having a mutual masturbation or pedo phone sex session!

Let’s Play tonight, I am ready if you are!


pedo phone sex

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naughty phonesex teen

naughty phonesex teen

Naughty phonesex teen is what i am. It’s no secret that I love being  naughty  but there’s another side to me. I’m a super sweet girl that loves the sensual side to phone sex and more sensual roleplays and sex talk. I like being the girl that knows you on a more intimate level. Tell me about your hard day at work, or about something funny that happened to you today- share your secrets with me, let me be your  naughty phonesex teen companion. 🙂

Do you like my roleplay? Maybe you have something even KINKIER you want to talk about maybe some Teen GFE Phone Sex on our  call . . . I have no taboos and specialize in ageplay. Call me & let’s have some naughty incest fun!

Check out  Our Specials  – Visit our Chatroom
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1494285xy7mffzezx Family fun roleplay phone sex


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d (1)Daddy’s little girl.

Daddy’s little girl is me! I like to make Daddy very happy and i do whatever he tells me too. Sometimes my daddy gets super horny or naughty especially since Mommy has gone away for good now. I have to take care of my daddy and do everything mommy use to do.

He likes to have poker games with his buddies. He asked that I take good care of his friends throughout the night and i become their little party favor, or just a lil fuck toy. Daddy buys me sexy & cute outfits, and  makes me really sexy to get them all turned on. When they have to take a bathroom break, Daddys tells me to take their hand and show them to the bathroom. I take them all one at a time to the bathroom where I make my daddy proud of his little girl, Daddy’s little girl. They are so busy


Daddy’s little girl phonesex


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I am an attractive sexy girl and I can really please a man in many ways. Come and take a walk on the wild side with me. I am trustworthy and I make a wonderful GFE phone sex call or listener if you just need to talk. I’m intelligent and very versitile in many different areas.  I love to be spontaneous, and will make your toes curl every time.

With an extraodinary voice and creative mind I am the hottest playmate for phone fucking or a good, sensual conversation. 

How about it? No time like the present! Plus I definitely know what you like, because I enjoy the same kinkyness. You can find me up and horny most  evenings. Call me now for the ultimate phone sex experience. I’m into role playing anything.  I have no taboos !

1-888-221-9006 ask for sexy Scarlet.

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Hot Teen Phone Fuck, Kitten

Hi Baby !
Well, as usual I have been up to my naughty ‘lil adventures again.  This weekend my cute Uncle Dave came over to check on me, since my parents were away for the weekend.  I have ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS had a hot ass crush on him.  I had just gotten some sexy lingerie at the mall that day, and couldn’t wait to feel really alluring by testing it out on uncle Dave.

I had it all planned.  He’d come over and I would already be wearing it when I answered the door.  This is Exactly what happened…

I opened the door and his eyes nearly popped out
of the sockets.  He said, “Why Kitten, Why are you dressed that way?”  I told him that tonight was the night he was going to see what I really thought of him for a long time now.  Puzzled by my statement he asked, “what do you mean exactly Kitten?”

I told him how I had the hots for him and continued to sit on his lap and instantly rip out his cock and suck it profusely, before he could even know what happened to him.  After a few moments of that hot ass blow job, I felt his hands stroking my hair first, then downward to my titts and grabbing on to my hot teen ass. 

I knew I had him then, whenhe flipped me over and gave me some hot anal sex… My Cute & Rock Fuckin’ Hard, Uncle Dave !

I fucked him all through the night…and guess what? I’m ready for more, so get your hard cock over here and call me now…You know you need some of this hot juicy phone sex fucking from me, too !

Hot teen phone sex fuck Kitten

Call Me Now at:  1-888-221-9006

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Welcome home Baby !
I’ve been waiting all day for you to return.
I took a nice hot bubble bath with My special bath salts.
I wish you would have been here to help Me put My lotion on.
I love the way you massage My body.
It’s time for some special attention for each other.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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NurseEllenOh sweetie, you’re such a good little pain slut for Nurse Ellen!  I had such a great time with you on our pain slut phone sex call the other day!  Listening to you moan as you put those clothes line clips onto your little pussy lips made my own pussy so wet!  And when I pulled on the nipple clamps I thought you were going to cum right there on the exam table!  I love being your naughty nurse and showing you how to be a big girl and take care of your pussy!

You loved that vibe and dildo too didn’t you, sliding in and out of that tight little hole!

I hope you enjoyed our nurse phone sex call just as much as I did!  I can’t wait to examine you again!

Nurse Ellen – See me at

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Knock Me Up Phone Sex - Impregnation Phone sex

Knock Me Up Phone Sex – Impregnation Phone sex! Fill me with you hot thick seed. I love the feeling of your dick deep inside of my cunt, pumping hard into me, knowing you are going to fill me with a new life. I can’t wait to have your baby growing inside of me. A little girl, a new little toy for you.

You love getting me pregnant too, watching my breasts grow huge and full of milk. Stuffing me nightly with your dick still, pressing it as close to your little baby as you can. I want you to fill me up, give me a little girl. I want you to stuff my tight pussy with your hard dick and fuck me until you cum. I’ll hold your cum deep in my hole, helping the little sperm on their way to Knock Me Up Phone Sex – Impregnation Phone sex!


Princess Elizabeth !@ 1-888-221-9006

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Small black dick phone sex - Little Black Cocks

Small black dick phone sex – Little Black Cocks

Small black dick phone sex. OK, I’m real use to all the small dick white fellas but just recently I had a call from a black dude that said his dick was 4 inches!! Can ya’ll believe that shyte?? And to make things even better, he loves to be laughed at and taken advantage of by strong black women like myself.

Small black dick phone sex – Little Black Cocks

Hmm, and just when I thought I’d NEVER hear that come out of a brotha’s mouth I most surely did and I just couldnt’ help from bust out laughing.  We talked for maybe 20 mins, but we had a good time making fun of his small dick, I did like the fact that he likes to spoil women for his lack of manhood.

I just had to share that with ya’ll, hit me up and lets play


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bbw phone sex

BBW Cream Pie Phone Sex gets my taste buds watering! Wow that sexy fine cock is dripping for all my curves. Thick thighs, and ample breasts are just what suckers you in for a closer look under this cinnamon skin.

See I know how much you enjoy being treated like a phone sex cuckold. Being fucked over by a thick real phone sex woman keeps your attention. Nothing but cream coming out of my pussy from behind, that’s what really gets your cock standing straight up and ready.

Get that juicing cock over here, let me kiss it while I finger the nut from my pussy lips, right onto the tip of your tongue.. Twirl it into your mouth with my special flavor of BBW Cream Pie Phone Sex.


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