Welcome home Baby !
I’ve been waiting all day for you to return.
I took a nice hot bubble bath with My special bath salts.
I wish you would have been here to help Me put My lotion on.
I love the way you massage My body.
It’s time for some special attention for each other.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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NurseEllenOh sweetie, you’re such a good little pain slut for Nurse Ellen!  I had such a great time with you on our pain slut phone sex call the other day!  Listening to you moan as you put those clothes line clips onto your little pussy lips made my own pussy so wet!  And when I pulled on the nipple clamps I thought you were going to cum right there on the exam table!  I love being your naughty nurse and showing you how to be a big girl and take care of your pussy!

You loved that vibe and dildo too didn’t you, sliding in and out of that tight little hole!

I hope you enjoyed our nurse phone sex call just as much as I did!  I can’t wait to examine you again!

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Knock Me Up Phone Sex - Impregnation Phone sex

Knock Me Up Phone Sex – Impregnation Phone sex! Fill me with you hot thick seed. I love the feeling of your dick deep inside of my cunt, pumping hard into me, knowing you are going to fill me with a new life. I can’t wait to have your baby growing inside of me. A little girl, a new little toy for you.

You love getting me pregnant too, watching my breasts grow huge and full of milk. Stuffing me nightly with your dick still, pressing it as close to your little baby as you can. I want you to fill me up, give me a little girl. I want you to stuff my tight pussy with your hard dick and fuck me until you cum. I’ll hold your cum deep in my hole, helping the little sperm on their way to Knock Me Up Phone Sex – Impregnation Phone sex!


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Small black dick phone sex - Little Black Cocks

Small black dick phone sex – Little Black Cocks

Small black dick phone sex. OK, I’m real use to all the small dick white fellas but just recently I had a call from a black dude that said his dick was 4 inches!! Can ya’ll believe that shyte?? And to make things even better, he loves to be laughed at and taken advantage of by strong black women like myself.

Small black dick phone sex – Little Black Cocks

Hmm, and just when I thought I’d NEVER hear that come out of a brotha’s mouth I most surely did and I just couldnt’ help from bust out laughing.  We talked for maybe 20 mins, but we had a good time making fun of his small dick, I did like the fact that he likes to spoil women for his lack of manhood.

I just had to share that with ya’ll, hit me up and lets play


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bbw phone sex

BBW Cream Pie Phone Sex gets my taste buds watering! Wow that sexy fine cock is dripping for all my curves. Thick thighs, and ample breasts are just what suckers you in for a closer look under this cinnamon skin.

See I know how much you enjoy being treated like a phone sex cuckold. Being fucked over by a thick real phone sex woman keeps your attention. Nothing but cream coming out of my pussy from behind, that’s what really gets your cock standing straight up and ready.

Get that juicing cock over here, let me kiss it while I finger the nut from my pussy lips, right onto the tip of your tongue.. Twirl it into your mouth with my special flavor of BBW Cream Pie Phone Sex.


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beth (17)

Do you like GILF PHONE SEX and desire a woman who knows exactly how to suck your hard cock? Those younger girls don’t know how to make your toes curl like I do. I’ve been watching you grow up and boy your strong and tight. I want to see what that cock is made of. Am I your Mom’s friend, Your friends Mother, the neighbor lady? Why don’t you come over and help me with some stuff upstairs. I’m sure your mom won’t mind if I borrow you for a while.

I push up on you and rub my hand up and down your thickness. I plan on sending your home sweaty and spent. I need a servicing from this tight young lad. Lets get your dick out and once I suck it, you’ll crave it and sneak in my back door to get it from now on. My tongue, rimming your young ass, licking your balls, sucking your knob. Not many would let you fuck their ass, but I will you young thing. I keep it tight and you want GILF Phone SEX.



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girl next door phonesex

This guy I use to know loved girl next door phonesex. I just loved when she walked in on me bouncing up and down on your hard cock. She got so pissed seeing her man pumping a huge load of cum deep into the girl next door. I love fucking other women’s boyfriends/husbands. All the pleasure and none of the pain.

I bet my pussy tasted good when she sucked you off last night. Think she noticed my flavor on your cock. I hope she did. I know she will do anything to win you back. Too bad your so sprung on my pussy and she will never fully have you all to her own. I will always have your cock sneaking in my back door.

Need a bit of this girl next door phonesex? I’m ready to pump that cock into explosion all over me. Think your girl might get jealous baby?

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little girl phone sex!

My Sweet Daddy knows best when it comes to little girl phone sex!

I love it when you tell me how sweet and young I look. Being petite has real sexy advantages when it comes to the type of role play I enjoy when having little girl phone sex. I love being a sexy little Daddy’s girl, and with my cute giggle and soft voice I can be that girl for you.

Whatever you have fantasized all this time can now come true with me, I love sucking my thumb and playing with my hair. I imagine you taking off my panties for the first time and showing me what it’s like to feel a cock inside me. Daddy knows best when it comes to little girl phone sex

BRANDY little girl phone sex

Teen Phone sex is always Hot!

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Brother Sister Phonesex

Brother Sister Phonesex 

Brother Sister Phonesex. How often has your horny imagination wandered and you’ve thought about fucking your Sister? I love having Brother Sister Phonesex chat, knowing that I have been teasing you for years, and now it’s time for you to get your own back, and fulfill all those filthy thoughts. I want to be your Sister and you can do to me whatever you want.

Imagine me on my knees sucking your cock for the first time, tasting your precum before bending over and offering my hot holes to you. You can tell me how often you have found my dirty panties and wanked off into them imagining all of this happening for real. Brother Sister Phonesex can be as filthy as you want.


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Humiliation phonesex

Join Scarlet – Humiliation phonesex

Have you ever been caught masturbating? Were you embarrassed, humiliated, and turned on at the same time? I like that! Maybe your girlfriend comes in and catches you with her dirty panties. You’re sniffing one pair and rubbing your cock in the wet crotch of the other pair. Rubbing your cock head right where her pussy had dripped her creamy cunt juice. You try to stop when you notice your girl friend is watching, but she will not let you stop.

She is quite entertained by the picture she is seeing. She laughs at you and makes you keep going and going until your cock is beet red.. Red because she has no intentions of letting you cum.. so now she is laughing, teasing and denying. She has now found your weakness and will use it all the time to own you and your cock. Sound like you?
Call me and share your masturbation stories, tease & denial, humiliation phonesex.

SCARLET – Naughty Phonesex

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Kinky Nurse Phonesex with Nurse Ellen

The nurse everyone loves to call. I am the number one adrenaline rusher you can ever have. If your heart is slowing down and not beating right
then I am the one to call. I will have your heart beating so fast you will have to call 911. “giggles”. I love to hear the hard breathing and
moaning of your cocks spraying that tasty cum out. I have to taste it just to make sure you are up to date. Pick up the phone to have Kinky nurse Phonesex
with Nurse Ellen. Nurse Ellen will fix all of your problems that can’t be fixed at home. You know you want a hot sexy nurse to fill those balls
and taste your cum so, I think you know what you need to do. Pick up that phone and call Nurse Ellen right now to have some Kinky nurse Phonesex with
Nurse Ellen.

Patients I am waiting.
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Cindy Pagan

Special – 20 Minutes for only $35

From now until July 6th. 

Come play with us. 

Can be doubled – 40min for $70.00

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Cumslut phonesex


Cumslut Phonesex with Ashley

Cumslut phonesex Ashley is back in action. They call me cumslut Ashley because everyone has has some Ashley. They call me the number one slut. All the guys at school get to have fun with me after school and in school. We can be in class and I am jerking dick’s right and left and also swallowing the cum. If you would like to make a fantasy come true then pick up the phone and call to have some Cumslut Phonesex with Ashley. I am addicted all because of my daddy. He taught me very well and handed me down to his friends so I turned into the stuttiest girl you can ever meet. My voice is sweet and innocent and makes your dick jump. If you don’t believe me then pick up the phone and call for some Cumslut Phonesex with Ashley. I have new stories to be told.

Come hear how I play.
Call 1-888-666-9340

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Enjoy  our HOT pre-4th of July 69 special, all calls over 15 minutes will only cost ya $1.69 per minute!

Please be sure to tell them you want the “69 Special” before your call…Enjoy, there’s nothing like free phonesex!


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rape phonesex

Dirty rape phonesex 

dirty rape phonesex, i know you are thinking about it and it has always made me really wet and hot. One of my favorite phonesex fantasies is walking home alone from a bar, a little bit drunk but chatting to my boyfriend on my cellphone.

The conversation gets hotter, and we begin to have phonesex, I stand in an alley way and go into detail how I want to suck his hot cock, not knowing that two guys have been listening to me and I’ve got them horny too. They both fuck the shit out of me, ass mouth and pussy while all my boyfriend can do is listen!  Dirty rape phonesex is all I can seem to think of lately.

Naughty Aiden 

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Accomplice Phonesex

Accomplice Phonesex with Monika

Accomplice Phonesex gives you the chance to have that prick teasing little bitch at last. You and I can hold her down while you give her a good hard fucking, in whichever hole you decide. She can be any age you please- the younger and more innocent the better – your choice – but raping that unwilling pussy is hot as hell. I need fucking nasty pedo and naughty play, rape play, and Accomplice Phonesex is the place to do it.

Cum Play with Accomplice Monika

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Phonesex chatroom

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Impregnation Phone Seximpregnation phonesex

I did a hot impregnation phonesex call with one of my favorite callers today. Well actually 2 calls. I was the naughty nanny with the crush of the Daddy of the house.

His jealous wife just could not handle the fact that I was looking so hot and that his cock got harder and harder every time he looked at me.

His wife was out as usual and I decided it was time to show him that I was all grown up and ready for his cock. I begged him to fuck me and give me the baby she wanted. impregnation phonesex.  He sure didn’t need his little blue pill with me. I am all knocked up now and ready to move into her bed.

🙂 BridgetGang bang Phonesex Queen!

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psc Extreme Phone Sex with Bridget.

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Are you looking for a sexy older mommy for your mommy phonesex needs?  Well look no further, I’m Marsha and I love seducing young men.  I have 2 younger men that come over to service me at least twice a week each.   Once in a while they will come over together and double team me.

I love being the naughty neighborhood slut.  I also have a few husbands that call on me every so often.  I just can’t get enough cock.  All I want to do is suck and fuck hard dicks.

If you have a special mommy phonesex fantasy you want to role play, be sure to call me.  I am so much fun in bed you will think and feel me right there in the bed with you.
Don’t wait, call me now at  and be sure to have your credit card ready.
Serious calls only!!!

Mommy Marsha
Hot Mature Phonesex

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Orgasm Denial Phonesex

Sensual to Strict Cock Control, Orgasm Denial Phonesex, cock sucker training, sissy slut training. wallet rape. Take you and your orgasm to the edge and force you to pay to cum.
I am open to all fantasies and role plays. “NO RESTRICTIONS” Forced masturbation, cock & ball torture, body worship, nipple torture, foot fetishes, strap on play, wallet rape, humilition, spanking, tickling, “ANYTHING GOES”

I am a true nymph and nothing shocks me. My pussy gets wet just being a phone whore and hearing guys stroking and jerking their cocks. I like to use my cyber skin cock while I am on the phone giving you phone pussy. My dildo is designed to come alive with my own pussy heat.. it becomes skin-like so it is like you are really right here fucking me.

Call me, fuck me, cum with me if i let you! Orgasm Denial Phonesex

Call me soon!            Scarlet

2408597hvjwsyhw67 I love the softer side of  domination!


Taboo Phonesex – See our MegaSite  – Visit our Chat Room – No Taboos!

chat Chubby phonesex, I have more to offer!

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Mature Phonesex Worship

Louise –Mature Phonesex Worship

I had the best time with My favorite guy JM who called again today.  We had the best time planning our rendezvous. Where we will meet, enjoying the best suite with a balcony overlooking the ocean. How we will take walks on the beach and play in the water. JM treats me like a Queen. He knows the rewards he’ll receive by treating me like the only woman on earth. Yes, you got it, hours of hot passionate love making. Exploring the deepest parts of his soul with only the touch of my hand in every place imaginable. Come enjoy your time with me during one of my Mature Phonesex worship roleplays!

Louise – Mature Phonesex worship


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Mature Bi-sexual Phonesex

Mature Bi-sexual Phonesex

Hello you, I would love to talk to you and make you cum!! I am a mature Bi-sexual woman and I have been doing phone sex for 5 years. I am also a very bad girl. I enjoy slurping up hot wet pussy and rock hard cock!! I’ve been married for 10 years and my husband has no clue I do this and so many other things that I would love to tell you about. So when my husband is not home I am ready to roam. There is nothing better then my face full of wet pussy and my ass full of cock……..Remember anything goes.

Mature Bi-sexual Phonesex


Call 1-888-221-9006 & ask for me!

cheap phonesex, ageplay phone sex, mature girls phone sex, teen phone sex and more!

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 heather (14)play with my pussy phonesex

Darn, I thought I was alone in our family home. My parents had gone out for the evening. My dad’s hot friend from college was staying in our guest room for a few days and was to go with my dad & mom out that night. I had bought a new fuck toy a few days earlier and was dying to find some time alone to play with it. Play with my pussy phonesex!

I get all naked, lie on my bed and lube up my big flesh like dildo and start to rub my pussy and it is feeling so damn good. This dildo is one of those new things out there that turns fleshy when it heats up with your body heat… It’s called Cyber Skin.  OMG, it was living up to it’s claim really well. My pussy was starting to cum out of control and that hard rubber cock was turning to flesh and felt just like a real cock. I was moaning and carrying on. Little did I know I was being watched by my dad’s friend and when I realized it I was too far gone to stop and he was standing at the door with a huge lump in his pants. Well now I hope you have a lump in your pants and need to find out how he released…

Call to find out! call me NOW and lets play with my pussy phonesex roleplay!


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Black Cock Lover Phonesex Shemale Giana

Big Black Cock Lover Phonesex out there, my slut mouth is hungry for your loads!  Oh the many ways I would worship your thick black ebony rod right now if you were here with me . . . I would love your big black chocolate snake like it’s never been loved before—no woman could ever suck you or eat your cum like me.  There are no questions about how I am the ultimate submissive shemale slut for you; your personal white-trash slave, complete with a big fat ass, thick white thighs, & a rosy pink asshole for you to rape & pound whenever the fancy strikes you. I offer my body to you, Big Black Cock Master, as I grovel at your feet like the lowly cum dump that I am.  Please use me & pass me onto your friends too—I’m only happy when I’m being used as a trash receptacle.

Black Cock Lover Phonesex with Shemale Giana, my shemale slut holes are yours for the raping!

Submissive Tranny Giana
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underage phone sex pedo phone sex

pedo daddy phone sex is something I  love to do on my calls. I learned at a young age that with this pussy I can have ANYTHING that i want and need! I grew up with 2 brothers and I was SPOILED rotten by my daddy and them as well, sometimes I would sneak in my brothers rooms and play with them under the covers WOW what power I would have over them after that! But then daddy caught me and used it for his own nasty sexual benefits! 

I love Incest, pedophile phone sex, family fun phone sex and everything in between! Let’s talk about how my Daddy used to “play” with his little girl on our pedo daddy phone sex call!


pedo daddy phone sex

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I love being a really naughty slut, I love making white boys drool over these big giant ebony titties!  The look on their face when I talk to them.   I always feel like the men are talking to my big giant breasts. Ebony phone sex calls for big breasted black girls are very popular and It makes me laugh knowing they are fantasizing about my big boobs and imagining what they taste like, how big they feel in their hands or how their dick will feel sliding in between them as I suck on your cock and stroking it up and down.

Call Doletta and ask for her big titty phonesex New Years Eve Special.  I can be sweet and sticky or agressive and domme.  Make sure to ask what sexy thing I’m wearing for you.

or Call 1-888-221-9006 & ask for me!


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Unlimited phonesex play with Ruby Red

Unlimited phonesex is just plain fun.  I like pushing men to their limits & seeing how much they can take before either begging for mercy or exploding.  Usually they do both.  I’ve even been lucky enough to make a few men cry, and Lol yea that was a blast.  Getting them so wound up and afraid of me that they’d simply rather cry than defy me by cumming.  Stupid silly boys. 

When you call me you WILL take your time to please me, slowly lick circles around my clit while slipping a finger into my sloppy wet cunt and another inside my tight ass.  The whole game about Unlimited phonesex is to get you horny by making ME horny . . . nothing pleases me more than to hear you quiver with pain as I quiver with pleasure!

Unlimited phonesex , let’s have a kinky no taboo session filled with mindless insanity!

Naughty Tease Ruby
Roleplay Phone Sex Blogs
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Naughty grandma phonesex Beth

Naughty grandma phonesex  is something that i love just as much as the next kinky pre-pubescent boy out there strokin’ it to grandma bathing.  And how does Granny know that?  Cause I probably enjoy fantasy phone sex role-plays & family fun incest more than you!  ~winks~.  I know a lot of you love my blogging along with all the nice stiff hard-ons you get from the naughty fantasies I write here for you.

So if there’s anything else you’d like me to write about, feel free to let me know by shooting me an email or posting a comment down below—I’ll be sure to blog up something about your fantasy!  I love having wicked dirty phone sex with you all, it gets me off just as hard as it does you . . . there’s just something about talking about all the bad things people are taught not to talk about that turns everyone on!

Naughty grandma phonesex, do you have a fetish fantasy or an incest fantasy you’d like to make cum true?  Call Granny Beth now for some no taboos family fun!

Let’s have a hot phone sex call soon, I will be waiting!
Naughty Taboo Phone Sex with Granny Beth
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peeping phonesex

Watch Me Ebony Phonesex.

I love the thought of being watched while I’m masturbating or having sex, this is why I enjoy watch me ebony Phonesex so much. I love to describe to my callers what I’m doing and what I’m wearing and have a real horny role play about him living across the street and the fact that he’d been watching me for a while.

Hearing him telling me what I’m doing, then my door would open and in he’d come, his hot cock in his hand telling me what a prick teasing little slut I am. Slamming me down on my bed and fucking me hard and deep, trying to push him off but he’d be too heavy and his urges too strong for me to move him until he’s spunked his load deep inside my teasing little pussy. Watch me ebony Phonesex does it for me every time.

1-888-221-9006 | Watch me ebony Phonesex

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Cheating Phonesex

Cheating  Phonesex with TS Dasha

Craving a Cheating Phonesex session with a shemale goddess?  I’ve talked to so many married men that have this fantasy, believe me, it’s not that uncommon.  Girlfriends & wives leave their men hanging out to dry all the time, stingy bitches when it cums to giving them what they really need.  This only makes men’s fantasies grow more & more depraved—their lack of excitement & diversity in their sex lives leaves them with a “hole” that can only be filled by “cock,” the ultimate taboo of excitement. Well do I have that fat cock you need!  I guarantee I’m willing to do all the shit to you that that boring bitch would never dream of!  Remember, I’m extremely familiar with the inner workings of a man’s mind ~winks~

Cheating Phonesex with TS Dasha—all the sex with no cheating—cum play with me & bring along all your perverse fantasies!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
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klara1223I’m that delicious older woman that knows how to get you going and then get you off. I love dressing in sexy lingerie, thigh highs and heels and teasing men with my hot sexy mature body.

I have always been obsessed with  my sexuality and SEX in general and  the older I get, the more cock I seem to want. Wouldn’t you love to see yourself slip into me?

My luscious lips running up and down your hot throbbing cock. My wet pussy is dripping  for you! Wouldn’t you want my perfect tits smothered on your face or better yet your cock buried in my tight ass.  I got the body of a mature goddess and I’m one hot phone fuck.

I’m a cock crazy, mature nymph and I’m here for one reason and that is to get you off!


1-888-221-9006 – Ask about HOT Phone Sex Specials!

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