Barely Legal Phone Sex with Roxy

It’s Roxy your barely legal little angel. I am so sweet I could melt in your mouth, but who would want something so perfect like me to be gone in one swallow. Every time you call me you will think of that old saying, ” Betcha can’t eat “her” just once. ” Daddy always did say I was to big for my own britches.I have always been the teenage tease who drove all the men wild. I love getting My way and I know just what to say and do to make sure I get everything my little heart desires. With a face like this who could tell me No. Daddy never could! I was raised by my father and I may have been the apple of his eye, but I was also the little rebel he could never tame.I loved to sneak out the window for a little fuck and suck with the guy next door, but I always got caught on my way back in. Daddy never did believe it was my fault. He thought they were all taking advantage of his little angel, until he happened to see his naughty girl working her magic on his boss.Things were never the same after that. They were much better.I just became legal and now I can show off all of this hot little body to the world.

I have lots to show and tell you nasty men out there.My life has never been the innocent little act I made everyone think it was. I am the bad little slut all the boys in the neighborhood have been taking about. I know how to suck and fuck like a porn star and I just might shock you with my wicked little ways. I have NO limits and NO taboos to bore you so you can tell Roxy anything. Even the sick and twisted fantasies are mild for me. I love when they try and shock me. I don’t scare easy.I have been calling the chat lines for a while now so my friends told me that I should do phonesex since I was burring up the lines with my deviant stories.I am very horny and my bald little cunny is dripping wet and ready to play. Give me a call and lets share the dirty little secrets you can’t hold in any longer. Call Roxy your barely legal tease!

IM me on Yahoo at:  roxy4taboo

Must Be 21 Years Of Age and Older to Purchase A Call with JM Group  due to the Graphic Nature of Calls.
All Calls are Billed  Discreetly!

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